Designer Ghani Pradita from Yogyakarta, Indonesia has envisioned and designed a concept UI for Windows Phone 9. His design derives elements from the Windows 8 desktop version.


Unlike Windows phone 8 where you can select only one theme color for the start screen tiles, the concept shows option of different colors for different tiles along with a background image, something which apps like Skinery Themes currently try to offer by partnering with app developers. However, due to platform limitations Skinery Themes doesn’t support stock apps such as Phone and Messaging on Windows Phone 8.

The concept also shows swipe down to get quick shortcuts to turn on/off settings like Mobile Data, Wifi and Bluetooth. This again is something that many apps like Settings Express are trying to solve on Windows Phone 8.

Have a look at Ghani’s Windows Phone 9 UI Concept above and let us know your thoughts. In my opinion, having a platform support for customizing tiles with background images and colors is a nice touch. Having accessibility to settings options on a swipe down would also be a welcome change for me as a user.

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