Weekly Digest for Developers: Apr 6 – Apr 20, 2014

weekly digest

Welcome to a delayed weekly digest (Apr 6 – Apr 20) for Developers in which we are going to round up all the news, headlines and useful developer blog posts from all around the world that happened in last two weeks. The blame of this delay should be given to the Microsoft Build 2014 conference which overwhelmed me with news and announcements that took me a while to digest (still working on leftovers).

Thankfully, due to announcement of universal windows app development platform, we can now refer to Windows Phone and Windows Store development as just Windows Platform Development.

On Twitter, it has been recommended to use the single hashtag #wpdev, which earlier used to denote “Windows Phone Development” but now will be used to denote “Windows Platform Development”. We will continue to use #windev hashtag as well for some time for our tweets to ensure that those who are not yet updated, don’t miss anything.

News Sites & Official Blogs

Windows Platform

Microsoft to host new Publish Windows developer days with awesome prizes
Build 2014 highlights #1: keynotes, “universal apps,” Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows 8.1 Update
//build 2014 highlights #2: enterprise, XAML, and IE/JavaScript/web apps
//build/ –> //learn/-> //publish/: new resources to help you publish your universal Windows apps
The Fast Lane for App Certification: 12 Windows Store Certification Tips
Now live: Consolidated price tiers to support universal Windows apps, may impact your app pricing
Windows Phone 8.1 now available on Windows Phone Preview for Developers
Dev Center now open for Windows Phone 8.1 and universal Windows app submissions
Respond to App Reviews: a phased rollout
WinJS on Windows Phone 8.1
Building Windows Phone 8.1 Apps in HTML
Using Visual Studio to build Universal XAML Apps
Authoring Windows 8.1 Apps in XAML
Microsoft opens up OEM portal, build your own Windows Phone
Windows Phone developer hooks up Cortana to control his lights

General & Other platforms

Why Supporting and Listening to your users is more important than ever
Enhancements to Debugging and Profiling in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2
Visual Studio Installer Projects Extension
TypeScript 1.0 Released and Open for Contributions
Go behind-the-scenes of Cortana with Microsoft Research

Developer Blogs

Windows Platform

A Radial Gauge for Universal Windows Apps
The full story of featured and spotlighted apps on Windows Phone
Using OneDrive files in Windows Platform Apps – Part Deux
Resources for writing universal apps for Windows with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
How to use the WebAuthenticationBroker for oAuth in a Windows Phone Runtime WP8.1 app
What’s Next For Phone Developer?
It’s All About Controls (Part 1)
Windows 8.1 Store Apps, Azure Mobile Services & Notification Hubs
Windows 8.1 Store, Azure Mobile Services & Offline Data
Building a colour palette for your app
Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit Updated to v3.2.3
Windows Phone Series: Image Caching Library – JetImageLoader
Transparent Live Tile For Windows Phone 8.1
Using SDK/library references in Universal Windows Apps

General & Other platforms

Fix for Creating PCLs in Visual Studio That Target Windows Phone 8.1 and Xamarin
Notes on Using Various PCL Profiles with Xamarin
Creating a Character for your Game Using Inkscape
When artists make games…
Crawling mobile app stores with F#
Xamarin and REST APIs
App Marketing: Panorama Image Template
GIMP : Quick Raster Tut

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Thanks to all the news sites and to all super developers for sharing your knowledge. Keep writing and sharing.

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