Track Windows Phone App Rank with myAppRank

A new app called myAppRank has joined the list of Developer Companion Apps on Windows Phone. As the name suggests, this app is able to let developers track the ranking of their apps in the Windows Phone store.

App store rankings are strong indicators of an app’s success. Moreover a higher ranked app generally has a higher visibility in the app store. Microsoft doesn’t provide an official way for Windows Phone app developers to check their app’s rank in the Windows Phone Store. This is where an app like myAppRank fills the gap.

track windows phone app rank

myAppRank has been released by Mr. APPs s.r.l., who are also the developers of the popular app myAppFree.


Features of myAppRank:

  • Find out current and history of app’s rank in the Windows Phone store since January 2014
  • Keep track of app rating average per update
  • Keep a tab of tweets about your windows phone app
  • Track app competitors progress

This promising app does come with certain limitation though, such as being able to track only the top 300 apps in each category. Also the ranking stats are currently limited to Italy, USA, India, Brazil, Russia, United Kingdom and Mexico. Developers have plan to add more features soon and we hope that ranking stats from more countries will also be added.

Download myAppRank on Windows Phone


As you may notice, there is another app call App Rank on the Windows Phone store which provides similar functionality. This app by Slobodan Stipic provides real time rank of top 1000 apps in 65 different countries. However it doesn’t keep track of the history of the app rank.

We also recommend that you take a look at market reasearch tools such as App Annie that can provide you in-depth analysis and ranking stats from major app stores like iOS, android and Windows Phone.

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