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What SDR offers to readers?

Collections of Free Resources

We find and share collection of  free resources for designers & developers as well as for digital marketers and online entrepreneurs.


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You will also find many tutorials on latest design, development and marketing trends.

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How is this site built?

We are currently running on WordPress using OceanWP theme.

Previously our site was built using Jekyll and therefore you can find many Jekyll related tutorials on this blog too.

How is this blog hosted?

We are currently hosting this blog on Vultr and are pretty satisfied with their performance as well as support. If you are looking for a fast and reliable hosting service for your WordPress sites then we would surely recommend Vultr SSD VPS. Alternatively, if you are looking for simpler hosting provider for WordPress, we recommend Bluehost.

(Note: When you become their regular user after clicking on the link above, it would give us free credits in our respective account with these services . This free credit would be used to run this blog.)

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