Why Would You Want to be Featured on SDR?

  • Highly targeted audience of developers, designers, digital marketers and online entrepreneurs.
  • Trusted website domain name.
  • Regularly updated content and high share of organic search.
  • Run by a team of experienced developers and content writers.
  • Quality content written in-house and submitted by professionals.

Ways to be Featured on SDR

1. How to Submit Freebie on SDR?

You can submit freebies relevant to our site audience as per the guidelines given below:

Freebie Submission Guidelines

  • Freebie must be exclusively made to be downloadable from our site.
  • Submission must include freebie files (zip file), freebie description, license details and preview images.
  • Freebie descriptions must be submitted in the form of Word Doc, Google Doc or HTML/Markdown format. (Suggested word count 300-600 words)
  • Kindly include preview images as separate attachments.
  • Only 1 link on brand name (non-keyword) is allowed from a freebie post as a credit to the freebie resource.
  • Here are sample freebies contributed by our partners. You can create a freebie pack with appropriate license to be downloadable from our site similar to examples below:
  • We reserve the right to edit the description before publishing.
  • There is no cost for reviewing and publishing a freebie, however we reserve the right to accept the freebie. No explanation would be provided in case a freebie is rejected.
  • You should choose to submit a sponsored post instead if you are linking to freebies that are not being made exclusively downloadable from our site or are linking out to more than one URL. Let us know if this is the case and we will share review and publishing fee for such articles.

2. How to Submit Article on SDR?

You can submit articles in Categories: Design, Development, Online Business, Digital Marketing, Blogging & SEO, Jobs & Career.

What You can Submit:

  • Reference, Tutorial or Info-graphic Post
  • Resource or a List Post
  • Feature Post about single Product/Service
  • Freebies

Article you provide will be published on our blog and shared with our social media followers as well as newsletter subscribers.

Suggested Word Count is 700-2000 words.

Do contact us for more details and to learn about reviewing and publishing fee. The fee for publishing guest post allows us to keep the quality of content in check and reimburses us for the time spent in article reviewing and publishing.

Article Submission Guidelines

  • Article must be submitted in form of Word Doc, Google Doc or HTML/Markdown format.
  • Only content relevant to our site audience will be approved for publishing.
  • Article may include relevant images with sources marked clearly.
  • Plagiarized content or images are not allowed.
  • All links in article will be manually vetted to be relevant to the article.
  • We may add additional internal links and external links to improve the article’s content and SEO.
  • Links to Gambling, Adult or Illegal sites are not allowed.
  • We reserve the right to edit the article before publishing.

3. How to Submit Resource in Existing Article on SDR?

For suggesting a resource in an article, you are advised to leave a comment in the article where you want to suggest the link (or additional resource) and our authors will approve the comment if it is relevant. It will also get picked up and added in the article if the resource is good and useful.

Reaching out to the editorial team for adding your resource in the article will not be entertained. Just leave a comment in the article.

We don’t do link exchange or paid link insertion. Kindly don’t contact us with such queries.