12 Free Alcohol Ink Gold Backgrounds

If you love the look of alcohol ink art, you will love our latest freebie: A set of 12 free alcohol ink gold backgrounds. These backgrounds are perfect for adding some color, texture, and sparkle to your digital designs.

On downloading the freebie, you will get 12 beautiful alcohol ink gold backgrounds in 1024px x 1024px JPG format. The backgrounds feature colorful alcohol ink texture with golden glitter and metallic gold accent giving them a surreal look. Each background is unique with swirling patterns of various colors including shades of blue, pink, gold, and white. The textures are rich and fluid, giving an ethereal and luxurious feel, gold accents are prominent in each piece, adding a touch of elegance and shimmer. 

JPG format makes them compatible with all graphic design software and tools such as Photoshop, Procreate and Canva. These backgrounds are perfect for creating social media posts, digital cards, planners, journals and much more.


Below you can preview the alcohol ink gold backgrounds included in this freebie. Each of these backgrounds has a fascinating and unique alcohol ink pattern with glittery gold elements giving them a stunning contrast and shine.

Download them all in full resolution after the preview.

free alcohol ink gold backgrounds

Features of Liquid Marble Gold Backgrounds Pack

  • Format: JPG
  • Dimension: 1024px x 1024px
  • 12 Unique Alcohol Ink Backgrounds
  • Use in Social Media posts, Cards and more
  • Free for Unlimited Personal use


Download these backgrounds pack using the button below. On downloading, you will get a zip file containing 12 JPG backgrounds. If the button comes as locked, kindly follow instructions to unlock it.

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You can use these backgrounds for free in unlimited personal projects. Attribution is not required, however if you would like to show your appreciation for our work, you are welcome to link back to https://superdevresources.com.

You are not allowed to re-distribute or re-sell these backgrounds as if they’re your own. If you’d like to use these on items you plan to sell or use for business purposes, please get in touch with us.

Tips on Using Alcohol Ink Gold Backgrounds

Here are some tips for using these backgrounds in your digital designs:

  • Use them as backgrounds: You can use these backgrounds as backdrops for your design. This will create a vibrant and eye-catching base for your design. You can add text, graphics, or other elements on top of the background to create a contrast and a focal point.
  • Use them as overlays: You can use these backgrounds as overlays on top of your photos, text, or graphics. This will create a cool effect and add some interest to your design. You can adjust the opacity, blend mode, and color of the overlay to achieve different looks.
  • Use them as masks: You can use these backgrounds as masks to reveal or hide parts of your design. For example, you can use them to create a cut-out effect, where your design shows through the background. Or you can use them to create a textured border, where the background covers the edges of your design.
  • Add some gold accents: To enhance the gold glitter in the backgrounds, you can add some gold accents to your text or graphics. This will add some extra sparkle and luxury to your post.

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