5 Free Pastel Gradient Backgrounds with Grainy Texture

Our latest freebie brings to you a set of 5 gorgeous and free pastel gradient backgrounds. These backgrounds are available in 3000 ×2000 px resolution and you can download them for free in high quality JPG format.

The backgrounds feature soft pastel gradients with a noisy grain texture, and would act as the perfect backdrop for text and graphics in the foreground. You can use these as backgrounds for your apps, websites, social media posts or any other design that needs a soft color scheme.


Below you can preview all the pastel gradient backgrounds included in this freebie. Download them all in full resolution after the preview.

free pastel gradient backgrounds grainy texture
Pastel Gradient Background with Grainy Texture

For creating the above image, I have used 4.jpg (included in the freebie) as the background, while the foreground text uses Roxie Rossa, a modern free serif font and Open Sans, a popular free sans serif font. You can see the grainy background texture in this image.

free pastel gradient backgrounds preview
Free Pastel Gradient Backgrounds Preview

I have created the second image using a free mock-up from Pixelbuddha. All the 5 backgrounds from the freebie are marked in the image to give you a preview of the pastel gradients.

Features of Pastel Gradient Backgrounds Pack

  • Format: JPG
  • Dimension: 3000×2000 px
  • Subtle Grainy Texture
  • 5 Different Pastel Gradient Backgrounds
  • Use in Social Media posts, Blogs and more
  • Free for Unlimited Personal use


Download this free set of pastel gradient backgrounds using the button below. If the button comes as locked, kindly follow instructions to unlock it.


You can use these backgrounds for free in unlimited personal projects. Attribution is not required, however if you would like to show your appreciation for our work, you are welcome to link back to https://superdevresources.com.

You are not allowed to re-distribute or re-sell these backgrounds as if they’re your own. If you’d like to use these on items you plan to sell or use for business purposes, please get in touch with us.

Tools Used in Creating Pastel Gradient Backgrounds

We have created these pastel gradient backgrounds using these tools:

  • Pastel Color Generator – This free tool generates random pastel colors in RGB, HEX, HSL and HSV formats.
  • Lighten Color  – This online tool generates different lighter shades of a color, you can control the amount of lightening to be applied with a slider.
  • Figma – For creating the pastel gradients.
  • Photoshop – For adding the noisy grain texture.

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