Why Should You Store Documents In The Cloud

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If you need to edit documents in your company, storing them in the cloud is the way to go. Storing your documents in the cloud offers so many benefits that we outline below. 

Send Large Files Quickly 

Have you ever had a massive Word document with photos at work that you need to share with your team? 

In the old days, you’d need to email the document to multiple people, which could cause all kinds of problems for your email system. Also, figuring out which version of the record is the most current could be confusing.

But don’t worry – the days of team members editing multiple versions of the same file are over. 

Storing files in the cloud means you can send those extensive documents fast. Moreover, everyone can access the same document in the cloud and edit it simultaneously. 

Save Hard Drive Space

You can save a lot of space when you store your documents in the cloud. When your company was maintaining physical servers, having enough drive space was a big deal. 

For example, if your company leased servers with 100 terabytes of storage, they’d need to purchase more if that was used up or start deleting documents. 

When you store documents remotely in the cloud, your company can spend much less on onsite hardware and buy more space in the cloud as needed. 

File sharing is Simple

Consider our email example above. If you’ve been working long enough, you remember having to email documents to large numbers of people or making sure there were enough thumb drives in the office. 

But with documents in the cloud, editing files has never been more accessible. When all the files are digital, document processing is more efficient, and you can share the latest version with anyone anywhere on a PC or smartphone. 

And when you can share documents so quickly, it makes signing contracts fast and secure, too. 

Files Are Fully Accessible

Documents in the cloud are available for any authorized person as long as they have an Internet connection. All they need is a PC, tablet, or smartphone to view and edit any document. 

More advanced document management options also let you do metadata tags to retrieve documents more efficiently. There are check-in functions that prevent people from editing over each other, and groups can still edit one document. 

Robust Security 

Cloud storage for your files means you have complete data security. This technology offers encrypted password-protected storage, so hackers can’t access your company’s sensitive data and files. 

Fully Scalable

Storing large amounts of data locally can get pricey and fast. As your company expands, you probably will need to buy or lease more servers. Plus, you’ll need to replace hardware every five years or so. 

Cloud storage is usually more cost-effective, especially for smaller firms. This technology is typically priced by gigabytes of data used per month. When your company grows, it’s easy and affordable to buy more cloud space. 

And if your company downsizes, you can reduce the amount of space you use in the cloud. With regular servers, you’re stuck with what you bought. 

Easy Recovery

Remember when your firm had to back up its servers every day in case of a hack or blackout? In the cloud, your data is backed up regularly and can be recovered in minutes if there’s a problem. And you can always download any number of files to your location, too. 

Using the cloud to store your documents makes so much sense, you’ll be so glad you aren’t using local servers anymore.

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