Weekend Reading – Color scheme generators, Free font sources and More

Welcome to this edition of Weekend Reading for the week ending March 1. At SuperDevResources, we are committed to bring latest and greatest Design, Development, Marketing and Monetization resources for app and web developers. In case you missed any of our blog post or were on a tight schedule, we bring Weekend Reading for you. In this post, we will take a look at the useful resources, tools and tips that we brought for developers in the week gone by.

By selecting the right color palette for your design, you can achieve visual balance and evoke appropriate user reactions. Last week we wrote about some of the best color scheme generators like Adobe Kuler, Colourlovers, Collor, etc. These color palette generators will help you in picking up the best color scheme for your app or website design. You can read our earlier post on color psychology to better understand what colors you should pick to represent the mood of your app or website.

We also gave you tips on how to use your app’s about page in a better way. Read the post to find out how you can turn a boring about page into a means to cross promote your apps, communicate with your users, socially connect with them and much more.

Understanding the psychology of fonts is very important while deciding the fonts to be used in your app or web project. Our post on font psychology will give you an insight into the personality of typefaces and help answer the question, “What font should I use?”.

And to help you pick up the right fonts for your project, we gave you a list of best sources of free fonts. Most of these sites provide free fonts that you can use commercially and spice up the typography of your app or website.

This was all we had this week for Weekend Reading and we hope you liked it. We love hearing from you. Please do let us know what else you would like to see on this site.

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