14 Places to Find Best Free Fonts for Your Apps and Websites

Choosing the right font for your project, whether you are making an app or a website, is a very important step. The fonts that you choose should not only make content reading easier but also blend well with other design elements.

In order to help you find the perfect font for your design, we have hand-picked 14 places where you can find the best free fonts for your work. Most of these sites offer free fonts that can be used commercially, however make sure you read the licensing and attribution requirements before downloading and using them in your projects.

1. Google Fonts

Open-Source and Free Google Fonts

Google Fonts is one of the most popular directory of open source web fonts, that you can use in your commercial projects for free. There are currently more than 1300 free fonts families of various types, including serif, sans-serif, display, monospace and, hand writing.

You can directly embed Google Fonts in your websites for faster and reliable font hosting. The site also allows you to download these free licensed fonts for use in your other digital products.

You can also check our collections of the top fonts from Google Fonts library:

2. Font Squirrel

Free Commercial Use Fonts on Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is another best resource for finding free, high-quality and commercial-use fonts. These fonts are classified under different categories and tags like serif, retro, dingbat, calligraphic etc. Among the most popular fonts from the site are Montserrat, Open Sans, Raleway and Bebas Neue, for full list, check here.

Font Squirrel also houses Webfont Generator, a tool for creating your own web fonts and Font Identifier, a tool to identify fonts from images.

3. dafont.com

Free Font Site – dafont.com

Another popular free font site, dafont.com has over 60,000 fonts split under different categories like fancy, holiday, techno etc. and sub-categories such as comic, sci-fi and Christmas fonts for quick browsing. You can also browse fonts alphabetically, by font-authors or simply search by a font name.

The free fonts on dafont.com are available under different licenses, however you can filter them to find 100% free and even free public domain fonts for commercial projects.

4. 1001 Fonts

fonts free download
Most Popular Fonts on 1001 Fonts that are Free for Commercial Use

1001 Fonts has a collection of more than 5000 high quality free fonts, many of which are available for commercial use in your website, app or graphic design work (as seen in the above image). You can browse fonts on the site according to different themes, occasions, decades or even based on font size to easily find fonts that match your design needs.

5. Behance

free fonts on behance
High Quality and Free Fonts on Behance

Behance by Adobe is a popular social network for graphic designers. It is a great place to find some of the best free fonts shared by the designers on the platform. The free fonts you find on Behance usually are of high quality and feature unique designs. You can also follow your favorite designers who often share free design resources including fonts.

We also have some pretty good collections of fonts on our site, many of which feature awesome free fonts from Behance. You may find these useful for your design projects:

6. FontSpace

16000+ Commercial Use Fonts on FontSpace

FontSpace is another great site to find free fonts. It has a collection of over 16,000+ commercial use fonts that you can browse by font styles, font designers or discover them via user curated font collections.

7. 1001freefonts.com

Different Font Styles available on 1001 Free Fonts

Unlike its name, 1001 Free Fonts is a database of more than 3800 fonts. You can search for fonts for your design project by different font styles. These fonts come with varied licensing, make sure to check the license before downloading and using a font in your work.

8. Urban Fonts

Free Fonts on Urban Fonts

Urban Fonts features a huge collection of free fonts, premium fonts and free dingbats. You can keyword-search over 8,000 freeware fonts or browse different categories to find the font you’re looking for.

9. Font Library

Free Font Library Catalogue

Font Library (previously Open Font library) has over 2000 font families contributed by 770 designers. Most of these fonts are available under Open Font license or MIT license and come with the freedom to use, share and remix them. You can browse their catalogue that gives you font preview, this list can be filtered by categories like monospaced, sans-serif, blackletter, etc. or by licenses.

10. Befonts

Free Commercial Fonts on Befonts

Befonts has a large collection of free fonts designed by professional type designers. Although, most of the fonts are available for personal use or are free samples of premium fonts with limited number of font weights, you can filter the collection to find commercial use fonts as seen in the above image.

11. The League of Moveable Type

The League of Moveable Type – Open Source Font Foundry

The League of Moveable Type offers high-quality, free and open-source licensed fonts that can be used in both personal and commercial work. Some of the notable fonts from this open source font foundry include Raleway, Ostrich Sans and League Gothic.

12. FontShop

Free Font Weights on FontShop

FontShop is a premium fonts marketplace with premium fonts offered by many type foundries. The site also allows you to download single style of some of their best typeface families for free.

13. Fontstruct Gallery

fontstruct gallery
Fontstruct Free Font Gallery

FontStruct is actually a free, browser-based font creation tool to let you quickly and easily create your own fonts. You can download your font as a TrueType font file. You can also share your fonts with FontStruct community, browse and download fonts uploaded by others and use in your projects. The site presently has a gallery of more than 31,500 fonts.

14. Fontspring

Families with Free Fonts on Fontspring

Like FontShop, FontSpring also is a premium fonts marketplace that allows you to download a couple of free fonts from some of their premium font families to use them with your various projects.

These free font resources will surely help you in finding awesome and free fonts for your project and spice up its typography. If you liked this post, please do not forget to share these resources with fellow designers and developers!

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