The Psychology of Fonts [Infographics]

Similar to the Psychology of Color that we wrote about earlier, today we are going to present two infographics which will help you understand the Psychology behind choices of different type faces (fonts).

Understanding how different font types are used to please different psychological aspects can be helpful in deciding the fonts to be used in your Apps and Websites.

Source of these infographics is also mentioned where you can find additional details.

1. The Psychology of Fonts

This infographics by Weemss describes the psychological assosciation behind the fonts types and also suggests what kind of event or themes those font types are most suitable for.


2. Serif and Sans: The Final Battle

Do you know the difference between Serif and Sans serif fonts and when to use them? With this infographics by UrbanFonts, get to know in-depth about the psychology of Serif and Sans Serif type-faces and which one is best for your app and website design.


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