30+ Material Design HTML5 Templates Free Download & Premium Designs

Material Design HTML Templates

With Material Design becoming a well-known standard in web design, many business as well as startups have started adopting it. Websites with material design offer great user experience and known UI elements that are great for building both website as well as backend app or admin dashboard. We have compiled this list of some of the best Material Design HTML5 templates available for building website landing pages and portfolios. Most of these templates are available for free download. We have also included premium high quality templates that are available for reasonable price and good support.

All the HTML5 templates mentioned here are responsive and mobile-friendly and will help you give your website the perfect Material Design look. Ease of customization is one of the top features we look for when picking a HTML5 template, and hence you will find the templates listed here easy to use and customize.

These templates are built with Material Design UI frameworks that conform to the Google Material standards when it comes to shadows, animations and motion. Use of a popular CSS framework such as MDB will also help you when you are customizing these templates and adding additional sections in the website or are building services having dashboards or e-commerce. If you are using WordPress, then you will find our collection of Material Design WordPress themes useful.

(We have updated the post with many more free HTML5 templates built with Material Design principles. These new templates include portfolio templates, blog templates, admin templates, landing page templates and much more. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave us a comment if you find this article useful.)

Material Design HTML UI Kit (Free with Pro upgrade)

Using a material design UI Kit makes it easier for you to implement a website as well as any related services in material design. A well made materials kit offers pre-designed website templates in material style and can also be upgrade to provide additional UI styles, templates and support.

MDB UI Kit (Bootstrap & Material Design)

mdb more

MD Bootstrap is well implemented Material UI kit and is available for both Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5. It offers 400+ Material UI components, 600+ Material icons, 74 CSS animations in the free version along with many free HTML templates. There is a premium version of this UI Kit available which gives you access to 2000+ components, premium sections, plugins and JavaScript modules. On their site you will find many free material design templates as well as tutorials to build websites with Bootstrap and Material Design. (read MDB benefits)

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Best Material Design Website Templates

Find below an extensive list of free as well as premium Material Design website templates. Links to view the demo and downloading these templates are provided with each template. Do let us know in comments if any of the links is not working and we will try our best to correct the download link. Kindly note that some of the links below are affiliate links. We have also motioned which templates are free to download.

1. Material Landing – A Material Landing Page (Free)

material landing screenshot

Material Landing is a free material design landing page template built by TemplateFlip with a Bootstrap based material kit called the MDB UI Kit. The landing page has a clean material look which is ideal for creating conversion optimized landing page for a product or website of an agency or a company. Built by TemplateFlip, the template has sections designed in material design for displaying product/company’s features, best projects, pricing plan as well as team members. Eye-catching animations are played upon scrolling the landing page.

Demo & Download

2. Material Portfolio – A Material Design Portfolio Template (Free)

material website template

Material Portfolio is built with MDL framework and is a completely free portfolio template suitable for use by individuals as well as companies and agencies. It includes templates for different sections of the website such as homepage, about, contact and portfolio pages. The template has easy to understand code and is easily customizable and extensible using the MDL framework.

Demo & Download

3. Material Resume – A Material Design Resume Template (Free)

material resume screenshot

This is are many professional design material resume templates including HTML websites. This is our pick for the material resume or portfolio site as it has all the section you need when creating your online portfolio or CV. It is a responsive design resume website template that has been built with the MDB UI Kit. This template offers subtle on-scroll animations and material design look and feel including box shadows. It has sections for showcasing skills, experience, projects, reference etc.


4. Material Style

Material style is a multi-purpose material design template built with Bootstrap 4. It offers multiple color schemes and large variations of pre-built custom designed pages such as profile, timeline, e-commerce, forms, about us and a lot more. It also includes over 100 components in material design style to build a website.

Demo & Download

5. MaterialX – Material Design Personal Template

material design html5 templates

MaterialX is a premium material design resume and portfolio template based on Bootstrap and Materialize. It is designed for professionals as well as companies to display their Profile, Resume, Portfolio etc. The template is easily customizable and fully responsive for all devices. The templatate features subtle on scroll animations to wow your audience.

Demo & Download

6. Material Admin – Bootstrap Admin HTML5 App


Material Admin is based upon the material design principle developer by Google. It’s made with Bootstrap, jQuery and Less. Material Admin includes pages for email, CRM, blog, user profile and many more. The framework contains a lot of components so you can easily create custom pages.

Demo & Download

7. Materialish – Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template


Materialish is a mobile and template responsive HTML5 site template. It includes 400+ Font Awesome Icons, iOS Homescreen WebApp and jQuery Swipe image slider.

Demo & Download

8. Materialism – Angular Bootstrap Admin Template


Materialism is an Admin Template based on Angular JS with Bootstrap 3. The whole Template is compiled with Grunt and Bower which are tools to speed up your development significantly. With the supplied Gruntfile.js you can easily make your changes and build your own version.

Demo & Download

9. Material News – Multipurpose Responsive HTML


Material News is a fully responsive HTML Template Based on Google Material design. It features clean design that allows visitors to focus on content. It’s very code-light, making it quick to load, and has a pleasingly clean look that’s ideal for multipurpose websites such as News, E-Commerce or blog. It is superbly responsive adapting to any kinds of smart phones and mobile devices.

Demo & Download

10. Bootstrap Basic Landing Page Template (Free)

A basic landing page which is simple, clean and informative. It can offer quick presentation of your platform with a pure purpose of getting your visitors attention and guiding them further.

basic landig page

Demo & Download

11. Bootstrap Food Order Homepage Template (Free)

Food order homepage is fully customized template designed exclusively for restaurants and businesses related to the industry. The intuitive interface will guide your visitors progressively through the ordering process.

food order

Demo & Download

12. Full Page Video Carousel Template (Free)


Don’t limit yours carousel to just static photos. With this material design video carousel template you can embed video as easy as pictures.

Demo & Download

13. Half Carousel Template (Free)


With this half carousel template, now you can have both image carousel and your portfolio above the fold. It include responsive menus and search box too.

Demo & Download

14. Corporate Style Template (Free)


This material design corporate style template is a clean and elegant theme suitable for displaying your product, app, business or service.

Demo & Download

15. Full Page Image Carousel Template (Free)


This one is a full page image background slider built using the Material Design for Bootstrap carousel. You can use this template to create one page portfolio sites, and much more.

Demo & Download

16. Material E-commerce Template (Free)


Giving you e-commerce website a material design look? This material design e-commerce template will surely draw eyeballs. It includes an image carousel as well as an e-mail subscription form.

Demo & Download

17. Full Background Image Template (Free)


A lot of websites are built with full background image these days and with this free HTML template you can build one yourself with material design elements.

Demo & Download

18. Blog Homepage Template (Free)


Download the modern blog template with clean material design looks and large featured images for each posts. Includes a subscription form with material design animations in form fields and buttons.

Demo & Download

19. E-commerce Product Page Template (Free)


E-commerce Product Page Template is a fully customizable and suitable for e-commerce websites of any purpose. Along with the e-commerce homepage template we listed above, you will have necessary templates to build a complete e-commerce website.

Demo & Download

20. Three Column Listing Template (Free)


This three Column Listing Template is provided for free from MDB template and can easily used as your new personal portfolio. It provides a modern, flat and responsive design.

Demo & Download

21. One Column Listing Template (Free)

1c template min1

This one column listing template can be used to display your products or projects in your portfolio with ease.

Demo & Download

22. Jumbotron with Features Template (Free)


Jumbotrons are not yet out of trend yet and this beautiful and free material design template proves that jumbo-trons are here to stay.

Demo & Download

23. Two Column Listing Template (Free)


Two column templates are our favorites and when they come with material design it is even better. Grab this free two column listing template from MDB’s website.

Demo & Download

24. Materialize Parallax Template (Free)


This is a free Material Design template that Materialize CSS offers with a Header, Call-to-Action, Icon Features and Parallax scrolling.

Demo Download

25. Materialize Starter Template (Free)


This is a simple starter template offered by Materialize with a Header, Call-to-Action, and Icon Features. It features responsive design and grid layouts.

Demo Download

26. Material Design App Landing Page (Free)


This is a simple one page HTML template design to use as an app landing page built using Project Polymer. The template is easy to setup and deploy.

Demo Download

27. Material Template with Jekyll (Free)


An HTML5 responsive template incorporating Google’s Material Design Standards along with Jekyll from Naveen Shaji.

Demo Download

28. Material Design Blog Template (Free)


This is a mobile focused responsive template that showcases image or text based blog entries, a subscription CTA, search & share links, and an expanded article page with comments, counters and bookmarking capabilities built-in.

This free material design blog template is built with Material Design Lite.

Demo Download



A Material Design Lite version of the current android.com site, using the same content with a horizontal navigation, feature carousel and long form scrolling sub pages.

This template would prove to be great for building your own material design e-commerce website with responsive menus.

Demo Download

30. Material Design Admin Dashboard (Free)


Download this free material design admin template with a modular responsive admin dashboard built to display data visualizations and information with a clear vertical nav, user profile, search and dedicated space for updates and filters.

Demo Download

31. Template for Text-Heavy Page (Free)


Have a large amount of text in a page can be a design problem but with this clean material design template for a text heave page, you are at ease.

Built for presenting content that is information dense, easily updatable, and optimized for legibility, this template has a sticky horizontal top nav on mobile, feature callouts, cards and a site map footer with a deep-linked table of contents.

Demo Download

32. Stand Alone Article Template (Free)


Do you know what’s in trend these days when in comes to blog posts? A clean and content focused layout like this one.

Download this clean layout optimized for presenting text-based content with a breadcrumb nav, search, clear headers and a footer that utilizes a card-like structure to showcase the content.

Demo Download

Do these Material Design website templates live up to your expectations and needs? If you are overwhelmed with options then might we recommend you choose the bootstrap material UI kit MDB. This UI kit will provide you with multiple Material Design HTML templates, along with enabling you to add additional Material design components, sections and apps like features to your website with ease. It also has excellent documentation as well as support from the developers.

If you come across any other free Material Design template that we have not covered in this post then do leave us a comment below.

Before you go, don’t miss our list of top Material Design resume templates and Material Design Tumblr themes.

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