10 Sites to Find Interesting New Startups & Products

There is an ever increasing number of startups and new products in today’s world. Thanks to startup discovery sites like Product Hunt, these new startups are able to surface themselves up to investors and early adopters. In this post, we are presenting a list of startup discovery sites (startup directories) which have become our go-to place for finding interesting new startups, products and apps everyday.

These sites listed below will also be useful when you are looking for places to submit your own new startup or an app. Most of these sites have a community and they would be much more willing to engage with and promote products of an existing community member over a completely new member who comes only to advertise his product and then vanishes. It is a good idea to join these communities today and become an active member if you plan to launch your startup in near future.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a favorite of many for finding and sharing new products/startups in various niche like tech, games, iPhone apps etc. It has voting and comment system similar to reddit or Hacker News (listed below) and has a large community of founders, investors and early adopters.. The site also offers a daily email list that is sent out with previous day’s top hunts.

Product Hunt

Beta List

Beta List not only lists new and trending startups, it also offers you early beta access to some of them. Along with listing startups based on regions as well as markets, it also features interviews with notable founders.

Beta List

Hacker News – Y Combinator

While Hacker News is more of a social news site for technology related topics, it is also known for entrepreneurs sharing their new products or their experience in building a new product. Show HN is a dedicated section of Hacker News for sharing things built by members of Hacker News community.

Hacker News


CrunchBase, operated by TechCrunch, is a place to find in-depth details about companies and start-up activities. These details include funding, people behind startups as well as major events taking place for startups and entrepreneur meet-ups.


Launching Next

Launching Next is a community of tech startups and features the best new startups every day.



Betabound is a place to find invitation to have beta access to products in their early stages. You can announce your own Beta products and look for early adopters.


The Museum of Modern Betas

Although having a weird name for something featuring new stuff, The Museum of Modern Betas is a site dedicated to collecting web based applications offering a beta invitation. The site itself is more than 9 years old and does just one job i.e. to list beta products.

Museum of Modern Betas


BetaPage is a startup directory where you can discover, hunt and up-vote on various innovative startups as per your choice. You can easily find and list all type of startups under any stage i.e. (under development, Public beta/ Private beta or Live). Founders/Innovators can submit their startup for getting feedbacks, beta subscription, early adopters, traffic and users.



PreApps focuses on featuring new mobile apps on various platforms such as iOS, Andorid and Windows. With PreApps, you can discover and test new mobile apps (beta version) before they’re released into the market. By testing apps and contributing to the PreApps community in other ways, you generate points which can be redeemed for prizes such as Amazon gift cards. For an App Developer, PreApps is a great way to generate pre-launch buzz.


Startup Tracker

While Startup Tracker is not a startup listing community, however we found it useful and an indispensable tool for gaining deeper insight into startups and thus we have included it in our list. Startup Tracker enables you to quickly get an overview of any startup you read or hear about. You can annotate and tag startup profiles of interest and save them to Evernote in 1 click. Currently it’s only available as Chrome or Safari extension, however Firefox and mobile versions are coming soon.

Startup Tracker

At Super Dev Resources, we are always in hunt of new tools and products which are helpful for individual developers, designers and startups. The sites listed above are some of the places where we go about hunting for the most interesting and useful new products, handpicking the best ones and adding them in our resource directory under easy to find categories.

We hope that the list above would come in handy for you too for finding new products as well as in promoting your new venture. Do let us know if we missed out mentioning any of your favorite destinations. Thanks for reading and sharing (you are going to share, right?).

Kanishk Kunal

Kanishk is a Software Engineer turned Online Entrepreneur who has created many successful apps and websites. He devotes most of his time punching his keyboard and swiping his smartphone. Follow him on Twitter @kanishkkunal

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  1. Nice article and good collection. I would suggest you to add “BetaPage” it is a platform where founders/Innovators can submit their startup, for getting feedbacks, beta subscription, early adopters, traffic .and users.
    Visit https://betapage.co/

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your submission! We have updated the article with new startup discovery sites and removed the ones that no longer exist.

  2. Thank you :) Highly appreciated!

  3. Hi Kanishk,

    Here is a web app I built aggregating all those sources into one simple screen:

    I’ll be appreciated if you add it into your list, too.

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