Five Ideas to Avoid Common Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

People keep nagging about spelling and grammar mistakes. With some efforts, you can avoid the negative comments of grammar Nazis. You have to analyze your speaking and writing patterns. Improper writing is worse than improper speaking. An essay with many grammar mistakes can hurt your reputation.

If you want to write with perfection, you have to learn essential grammar rules. After completing your paper, check it with a free grammar checker. Grammar checkers can cover basics. You can take the help of a person who is proficient in English grammar to improve your grammar.


Learn the Difference Between Words

Before you start writing a professional or academic document, you have to learn the difference between specific words. For instance, you have to figure out the right word between I and Me, Your and You’re, Their and There, Its and It’s. You should use them in a way that makes sense. Fortunately, a grammar checker can help you to choose the right word.

For example, John and I eat noodles. If you remove John, the sentence will still make sense. Moreover, you can use “Me” in a sentence in the following way:

Mike would like to do a party with John and me. Just remove John from the sentence, and it will become “Mike would like to do a party with me.”

Similarly, “you’re” is a contraction of the words “you are.” On the other hand, “Your” is a possessive word. There indicates the direction, and there is a possessive word. You can use they’re instead of “they are.” If you want to write a paper in native English, it is essential to pay attention to necessary things. Carefully choose words, punctuation, and preposition.

Pay Attention to Plurals

There was an old saying: if a word is ending in “y”, drop the last “y” and make it plural by adding “ies”. If a word ends with a vowel, you can add “s” in the end. You have to add “es” if the final two letters of the words are consonants.

It is important to remember these rules while writing. Luckily, a free grammar check can detect these mistakes. A checker can highlight these mistakes so that you can make essential changes.

Agreement of Subject

The subject agreement is an essential aspect of English writing. If you are habitual to re-read your sentences, you can avoid this problem. On the other hand, a plagiarism checker can highlight issues in the agreement of subjects.

A subject is an integral part of each sentence, and it should match with pronouns like she, he, etc. A beginner may find it difficult to find mistakes in the agreement of subjects. You will need a grammar checker to avoid this issue.


It is a common mistake that people often make while writing an essay or official papers. You have to capitalize names, places, days of a week, and holidays. If you are using a grammar checker, there is no need to worry about capitalization.

Use of Semicolons and Comma

Wrong uses of semicolons and commas are common mistakes in a paper. You have to use them accurately because incorrect use of semicolons and commas can change the meaning of your sentences.

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A grammar checker can save you from these mistakes. You can learn the accurate placement of punctuation with the use of these free tools.

Irregular Verbs

It is vital to identify irregular verbs. You may not find a comprehensive list of irregular verbs. For instance, there is no past tense for some words like “broadcast”. You can’t use broadcasted in past tense because it is an irregular verb.

If it is difficult to identify irregular verbs, you can get the assistance of a grammar checker. This tool can detect all irregular verbs in your writing.

Moreover, there is a distinction between than and then. You can use “then” to discuss time, such as we will attend a meeting, and then we may have lunch. On the other hand, you will use “than” to compare two things. For instance, this dinner was more delicious than the last meal. Use of a free grammar checker may help you to choose the right word in each sentence.  

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