1000+ Free Photoshop Gradients for all your Design Needs

Photoshop gradients are an awesome resource for your different design needs. You can use gradients across different projects, from web and app UI design to creative photo effects and text effects in Photoshop. In this article, we’ve collected some of the coolest gradient presets with over 1000 free Photoshop gradients you can use for your next design project.

Photoshop ships with a library of gradient presets grouped by color or style, like cloud, or iridescent. You can expand this default library by adding from our diverse collection of high quality free gradients such as gold, rose gold, duotone, sky, sunset and much more.

All of these gradients are completely free to download. Most of these gradient packs give you .GRD (Photoshop Gradient) files, while some are available in PSD formats (indicated below). Simple double clicking on the GRD file will load these gradients in your preset library. You can also manually import them in Photoshop from gradient editor that you can access by activating the Gradient Tool (G). These gradients would be a great addition to your toolbox. Enjoy!

200 Free Gold Photoshop Gradients

free gold photoshop gradients preset


200 Free Rose Gold Photoshop Gradients Preset

rose gold photoshop gradients free preset


300 Gradients Pack – Free Download

gradient pack free download


200 Free Silver Photoshop Gradients

free silver photoshop gradients grd


WebGradients – 180 Linear Gradients (Free PSD)

webgradients linear gradients free psd


12 Free Pastel Gradients Preset

free pastel gradients preset


Gradient Palettes (PSD Freebie)

gradient palettes freebie psd


101 Free Gradient Maps

free gradients map


40 Free Gradients Pack

free gradients pack


200 Free Duotone Photoshop Gradients

free duotone gradients


200 Free Photoshop Gradient Maps

free gradient maps


25 Gradient Map Pack Free Download

free gradient presets


20 Free Sunset Gradients (Photoshop GRD & JPG)

free sunset gradients photoshop grd


70+ Free Tuscany Skies Gradient

free tuscany skies gradient preset


208 Gradient Varieties

gradient varieties preset


6 Free Gradient Maps for Photoshop

free gradient maps photoshop


How to Use Gradients in your Design

You can use these gradients using different tools and adjustments available in Photoshop:

  • Gradient Tool
  • Gradient adjustment layer
  • Gradient Map adjustment layer
  • Gradient Overlay layer style

Gradients are a great way to add vibrancy and liveliness to your design. Here are some of the ways you can use them in your designs in Photoshop:

1. Use Gradient Backgrounds for Graphic Design

You can use gradient backgrounds as backdrop for text and other elements in the foreground for creating social media graphics such as Instagram posts, promotional graphics, and branding & packaging designs.

Additionally, you can also apply gradients to different shapes for creating interesting background compositions for your poster and flyer designs. You can take a look at these examples of vibrant gradients in graphic design for inspiration.

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2. Web and App UI Design

You can utilize gradients in different elements of your website and app interface design. From backgrounds to image overlays and duotone effects to UI elements such as buttons, icons and text to using them in animations and hover effects. You can check out this showcase of gradients in web design to see what we are talking about.

3. Creative Photo Effects & Gradient Typography

Gradients are not only effective as backgrounds but they can be used in foreground elements such as text and images for beautiful results. You can fill text with colorful gradients, use them as overlay over images for color grading, or apply gradient maps on images for duotone and more artistic photo effects. These kinds of gradient effects will help you create visually appealing posters & flyers.

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