20 Inspiring Lettering and Typography Designs

This post rounds up a collection of 20 creative typography designs to help you find inspiration for your own work.

Not only do these designs feature remarkable lettering and calligraphy, they combine these typography compositions with illustrations, images and colors to produce stunning pieces of artworks.

From big and bold typography posters to minimal and elegant designs, from beautiful floral typography layouts to fauxsaics, a newly emerging typography mosaic illustration style, these artworks come in a variety of design styles. All these design projects are full of imaginative and innovative ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Make sure you click on the source link provided with each project to go to their respective pages and in most cases you’ll find more typography artworks from these designers. You can also follow them on their Behance, Dribbble or Instagram channels.

#BeLike by Jenifer Blanco Monzón

#BeLike Project by Jenifer Blanco

#BeLike Minimal Typography Designs by Jenifer Blanco

Believe in Each Other by Yondr Studio

Floral Typography Design by Yondr Studio

Superheroes Lettering Series by Risa Rodil

Iron Man Hand Lettering Illustration by Risa Rodil

Captain America Hand Lettering Illustration by Risa Rodil

Trust your Gut Poster by Lorena G

Trust Your Gut Typography Poster

Wanderlust Alphabet by Jack Daly

Hand Lettering Posters by Yulia Sokolova

Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Learn Poster

Home is Where your Heart is Poster

Shaded Lettering Set by Dima AbraKadabra

Shaded Lettering - Don't Give Up

Shaded Lettering - Old Ways Wont Open New Ideas

London Fauxsaics by Nick Misani

Mosaic Typography Illustration by Nick Misani

Uninspiring Posters by Linzie Hunter

Uninspiring poster by Linzie Hunter

Uninspiring poster by Linzie Hunter - When Road is Long

Lettering by Jonathan Ortiz

Lettering by Jonathan Ortiz

Floral Poster Series by Alexandr Gusakov

Floral Typography Design by Alexandr Gusakov

Adobe Pride 2017 Identity

Adobe Pride 2017

Hand Lettering by Pellisco

Hand Lettering by Pellisco

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We’ve also designed a series of typography posters that are available for free download from our site:

‘Be You’ Quote Poster with 3D Text Effect


Stay Hungry Stay Foolish Poster


Live Laugh Love Floral Typography Poster

Live Laugh Love Quote Poster


Be Bold or Italic but Never Regular


If you’re interested in learning the art of hand-lettering, you can read the guide on hand lettering for beginners on Creative Market that breaks down the lettering process into fundamentals.

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