10 Best Visual Studio Code Light Themes

After writing about VS Code dark themes, I felt the need to write about VS code light themes too. So here it is. As you may already know, Visual Studio code is my current favorite code editor. It is a lightweight editor available for all platforms (Windows, Mac as well as Linux) and can be easily customized via extensions to suit any programming environment setup.

I keep switching between light and dark themes from time to time depending on the project I am working on and based on the intensity of surrounding light. There are many great options for light themes in VS Code, both out of the box and available through the extension marketplace. Below I am listing all the good light themes I came across.

VS Code Light Themes (Pre-installed themes)

As VS Code has a lot of pre-installed dark and light themes, we can find a few great options in the default list itself. You can preview and switch through these themes by going through File > Preferences > Color Theme (Code > Preferences > Color Theme on Mac) in menu.

The Light+ theme which is the default light theme of VS Code, the Quiet Light and Solarized Light theme are three themes that are pretty good.

VS Code Default Light Theme
VS Code Default Light Theme
VS Code Quiet Light Theme
VS Code Quiet Light Theme
VS Code Solarized Light Theme
VS Code Solarized Light Theme

VS Code Light Themes (Extensions)

You can find many more light themes for VS Code in its extensions marketplace. Below I have selected some of the best ones I have found which are easy on the eye while still doing a fine job in syntax highlighting of many different programming languages.

Atom One Light Theme by Mahmoud Ali

Atom one light theme

Ayu by teabyii

Ayu Theme

GitHub Plus Theme by thenikso

GitHub Plus theme

JetJet-theme by Johny Georges


Macaroon Theme by sean

Macaroon Theme

Material Theme by Mattia Astorino

Material Theme

Slack Theme by Felipe Mendes

Slack Theme

While it is hard to pick just one of these light theme as favorite, currently, I am using ‘Atom One Light’ theme for my VS Code. It provides a coherent and easy on eye color scheme to the entire VS code interface including the status bar.

Don’t forget to check out my collection of VS Code dark themes too.

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