Advanced B2C Marketing Automation by eSputnik: Products, Features and Pricing Plans


A powerful multitasker and revenue booster, marketing automation has a reputation of a sophisticated and often expensive technology that can be afforded by market giants only. Although not all misconceptions have been dispelled, many companies are beginning to realize how beneficial this tool can be for their businesses. Regardless of the type and size, you can take advantage of automated marketing campaigns provided you choose your ESP wisely and based on your needs.

eSputnik has been created to help you with it. An internationally recognized omnichannel marketing automation service provider, it enables to create automated email series as well as SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Mobile Push, and Web Push campaigns. The company offers its clients all the tools necessary to create a series from scratch, as well as to launch a massive bulk campaign. 

eSputnik System Features and Main Characteristics

Key Advantages
Drag-and-Drop Email Template BuilderIntuitive, easy-to-use interface;
No HTML skills required;
Responsiveness for every template;
Image bank;
Subject line assistant.
In-built image editor;
Unlimited templates;
A/B testing;
Advanced SegmentationOptimal messaging frequency strategy;
Product recommendations;
Promo code personalization;
Unlimited conditions and segments;
Export to BigQuery and Data Studio;
Cross-channel segmentation.
MultilanguageMultilingual campaigns in one template;
One-click switch;
All-language support;
Time saver;
Increased productivity;
Convenient analysis.
AMP TechnologyDynamic content;
Increased interactivity;
Interaction straight in the email body;
Improved shopping experience;
No need to download extra pages;
Updates in real time;
Always relevant offers.
GeomarketingLocation-based personalization;
Mobile location tracking and IP tracking;
More targeted campaigns;
Customized offers;
Accurate budgeting;
Focus on the right locations.

Your business doesn’t necessarily have to employ all of these solutions. If you only build your marketing strategy, start with creating effective basic templates and building dynamic segments. Their number will grow as far as you collect more data on your contacts, allowing you to incorporate more channels for the communication with customers. Once you acquire a phone number of some of your users, you may combine emails with SMS or WhatsApp messages. If your subscribers have registered in the app, it’s possible to team up email campaigns and mobile push campaigns, reinforcing your segments with location-based data. 

The number of options for cross-channel campaigns is unlimited. You decide what combo to opt for based on your audience and goals. For those businesses who are only starting to make their way in the big marketing game, there is a free trial, registering for which you can get a free account and start using the system immediately. For those ready to move on, eSputnik offers different flexible pricing plans:

Pricing PlanConditions
Freedom$1,99 per 1,000 emails – No subscription fee; unlimited contacts and messages.
Optimal$15 per month –  Up to 1,000 contacts; unlimited messages.
Email Marketing AgencyEmail Marketing Agency – From $599 per month; custom solutions for your business.

While you may have optimized your marketing strategy, there is always something to work towards. Get a meaningful advantage over your competitors by implementing a marketing automation system: boost your sales, avoid unproductivity and manage your resources better. In case of any questions, feel free to contact eSputnik support that is there for you 24/7.

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