6 Mobile App Engagement Strategies that you can use for your App [Infographic]

Looking for ways to increase mobile app engagement? You are not alone. We have all been there looking for ways to engage users more with our apps. In this article we present to you an infographic which highlights the key app engagement strategies that can be used to keep your user longer inside your app and make them come back more often.

Getting your app in the store and marketing it well is just one of the pillars of your app success. Ultimately it comes down to the fact that how much time your users are spending inside your app, how often they come back to your app and how likely they will recommend it to their social circle.

Nailing the mobile app engagement is not easy but with the right approach and using proven strategies like the ones listed below are going to help you. Just remember not to go overboard with spamming users with push notifications or multiple e-mails in a week asking them to come back to your app. Let us look at some of the tried and tested strategies that can be employed to increase user engagement, without endangering them to quit your app.

Mobile App Engagement Strategies

Most of the apps are used only once before they are un-installed by the users. If you don’t want your app to fall into this category then we present to you these effective app engagement and re-engagement strategies.

app engagement strategies

Source: Dot Com Infoway

Key Points to Consider for increasing App Engagement:

  • Give a friendly and helpful On-boarding experience to your users. First impression matters and guiding your users though your app helps them understand what your app offers. Check UserOnBoard to learn how some popular apps on-board new users.
  • Engage with your users using in-app announcements.
  • Re-target users by sending them cart reminders and push notification about offers on products they love.
  • Provide users incentive to share your app. Ask them to rate your app and let them know about your related apps that they may like.
  • Engage more with the users by changing the mood (theme) of the app according to the season/festival/occasions.
  • Motivate less active users with special offers. Also reward power users with special discounts and offers.

How is your app engagement? Have you found the right set of strategies to engage more with the users of your app? Do you employ analytics to track user engagement metrics? Let us know in the comments below.

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