Laying the Foundation: 5 Essential Skills You Need to Learn to Be a Web Developer

The web development industry is one of the fastest growing industries today and is projected to continue on its growth path into the future. Websites are commonplace and an important part of many of our daily lives. They are used for learning, shopping, working and for entertainment purposes. Web development takes considerable skills to create incredible and satisfying user experiences. Here are five essential skills that you need to learn to be a web developer.

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Design Sense

Web developers need to have a solid sense of design, since web design transcends the basics of simply knowing which color scheme works together. While basic design principles are useful, having keen knowledge of the elements of design and of typography best practices, layout principles, and how to effectively use imagery are crucial things that a web developer needs to learn. Design sense also involves having an understanding of how real people will interact with the web design, in order to satisfy the needs of users and make the site work efficiently. This skill is especially important for web developers more focused on the design aspect of web development.


Web developers need to have a strong ability to fix errors. This is where debugging becomes an important skill for developers to master. Errors and bugs break codes sometimes and it’s important that web developers avoid repeating previous mistakes by developing techniques to improve their debugging skills. Every web developer should have a solid debugger in their arsenal and even the best web hosting for developers may offer strategies for improving your debugging skills.


CSS is one of the most important languages that web developers can learn. It’s essential in visual appearance when doing web development. Although back-end web developers are more likely to apply this skill in their work, web developers who know CSS find this language useful in making their applications interact more effectively with the web design.


One of the first programming languages that a web developer should learn is JavaScript. This language is a vital interactive element of web development, and every developer should learn how it interacts with other programming languages like HTML and CSS in the web design process. Web developers should learn JavaScript since numerous websites and web applications adopt its use today.

Web Server Administration

It helps that a web developer has a level of knowledge and skill regarding web server administration. This will help you solve problems and maintain websites, making them run more efficiently. If you have a knowledge of how the server responds to commands and issues that cause interference, and can easily troubleshoot your scripts and programs, then you can build a better site. You may be able to spot trouble before it even happens.

 Laying a firm foundation for becoming a great web developer begins with honing several essential skills. It’s also essential to continue learning, as well as improving those skills. Still, a good place to start is with these five skills.

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