Firefox launches Developer Edition Browser for Web Developers

Firefox, on its 10th anniversary, announced a Developer Edition Browser, and it has become an instant favorite of mine for web development work and also for everyday browsing.

Starting from its dark themed look to the extensive dev tools that come pre-packaged, everything seems to be made as per my liking.

While the developer tools included in Firefox Developer Edition browser are same as the Mozilla’s developer tools that are available as regular addons for original Firefox, having them pre-packaged in a developer edition browser is a major convenience. Having a dedicated browser for Developers will surely drive Firefox to include many more developer oriented features in future.

firefpx developer edition browser screenshot

Firefox Developer Edition also comes with Valence – a powerful, pre-installed extension that allows you to Inspect and debug your app across any browser or device.

In my every-day development, I make extensive use of Page Inspector, Responsive design view, Debugger, Network and Performance analyzer, Eyedropper and almost every other feature which are now pre-installed in Firefox in the Developer Edition.

firefox developer edition browser

If you are a web developer, I would certainly recommend having Firefox Developer Edition browser installed along with your other browsers.

Download Firefox Developer Edition

If you are already on Firefox’s experimental Aurora release channel, you won’t have to do anything, as the Developer Edition will replace the Aurora channel in the release process.

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