Free Online Education for Aspiring Web Developers by The Odin Project

The Odin Project announced a free online education program that is targeted towards aspiring web developers. This free course is designed for absolute beginners allowing them to have the necessary knowledge and resources to become a successful web developer, do freelancing, build a startup, or just hack together a homepage.

The course has a structured curriculum which includes Web Development 101, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ruby programming, Ruby on Rails, Databases, Git, Testing and a session on getting hired. The curriculum also includes mini-projects that will give you a chance to test your new knowledge by actually building something.

free-education-for-aspiring-web developers-odin-project

The online course is easy to follow, consisting collection of many tutorial videos and e-books. It allows you to track your progress once you sign-in. You can also take the course without signing up for an account.

Course Structure

  1. Introduction to Web Development

  2. Web Development 101

  3. Ruby Programming

  4. Ruby on Rails

  5. HTML5 and CSS3

  6. Javascript and jQuery

  7. Getting Hired as a Web Developer

The Odin Project is crowd-sourced and is built both by experienced engineers and existing students. The Odin Project’s website itself is a fully open-source project available under an MIT License. The Curriculum is licensed under a Creative Commons license that restricts it to non-commercial use without prior authorization.

6 thoughts on “Free Online Education for Aspiring Web Developers by The Odin Project”

  1. Thanks for putting this together Kanishk! I’m glad you highlighted the open source aspect of the project, which often gets overlooked but has been a key factor in our development so far.

    • It would be hard to judge one thing better over the another and is dependent on personal preferences. Personally, I like self-learning and trying out things myself at my own time, so yes, this is definitely better option for me. But I can’t say the same for everyone else.


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