How to Protect your Personal Data on the Internet

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The Internet has definitely made our lives much easier. It is impossible to imagine life without it nowadays. Distance no longer matters, you can chat with friends, shop and work from home. Despite these advantages, there are also disadvantages. And the biggest problem is obviously the security of personal data. The internet has made the world more open and interconnected. That’s why hackers can easily steal personal data from ordinary users and use it for their own purposes.

If you are a social media user, you should be even more careful when it comes to sharing your personal info, like your phone number or email. You might wonder how to register to any service anonymously. You can use a fake number generator by eSimPlus in order to protect your regular phone number and SIM card. Further in this article we will talk about other simple ways you can protect your personal data. 

Download your Google data

Download information about yourself from all Google products that you have used. You will receive several large files that contain data about all your actions, starting from your YouTube browsing history to your search queries and location. If you see how much information about you is stored in the cloud, you will want to delete it. If you also don’t want Google to know where and at what time you were, disable the movement history in the settings on Google Maps.

Restrict access via AirDrop

If you use an iPhone, disable AirDrop when you are in public places and restrict access. Thus, strangers will not be able to send you photos via AirDrop on public transport, for example.

Protect your old email accounts

You might have an old account that you stopped using and didn’t bother to delete. This mail address is a real storehouse of your personal data. It can be hacked any moment and you won’t even find out about it. It is not necessary to delete the account, just protect it. Change the password and enable two-factor authentication. Disable all services connected to the old mail in the settings.

Check if you have been hacked regularly

To check if you’ve been hacked, you can use the website Just enter your email address and you will find out if there has been a data leak or your password has been compromised.

Browse in private

Recently, some websites and apps have started practicing personalized pricing. They analyze your data to find out how much you could pay for a product or service. They analyze your location and your browser queries. What is more, ridesharing companies can get access to your phone battery. They may make you pay more if your phone is about to run out. That’s why browsing in private is much more reasonable in order not to provide companies and websites with your personal data they can use for their own sake.

Even if you think that there is nothing to hide about you, hackers will still manage to find a way to use your personal data. Our simple tips will help you to protect your information and privacy.

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