Free E-Books & Learning Resources for Meteor JavaScript Framework

Meteor is an open-source JavaScript application framework for building real time web and mobile apps. In this post we have collected free e-books & tutorials to help you get started with Meteor development.

Free ebooks & tutorials for Meteor JS

The strength of Meteor lies in being able to quickly convert ideas into real products for both web and mobile. Meteor is built upon Node.js and thus requires the knowledge of JavaScript for development. However, Meteor has been widely remarked as an easy to learn framework even for beginner developers.

Since Meteor uses JavaScript on both the client and server, we recommend this great JavaScript Primer For Meteor written by Sacha Greif to get you up to speed with JavaScript before starting with Meteor development.

Meteor Free E-Books & Tutorials

There are premium books available for Meteor such as Discover Meteor which will help you learn how to build Meteor application from scratch. However, in this post, we have limited ourselves to listing free e-books and learning resources for the Meteor JS Framework in order to get you started quickly in exploring Meteor development.

1. Official Meteor Tutorial

We will recommend starting with the official Meteor tutorial as it will always be up-to-date with the latest Meteor standards and principles. The official tutorial for Meteor is short and simple covering both web application as well as mobile application development with Meteor.

Official Meteor Tutorial

2. Your First Meteor Application

“Your First Meteor Application” is a free online book about the Meteor JavaScript framework. You can also download a PDF version of the book for free. The book is written by David Turnbull keeping beginner developers in mind.

Your First Meteor Application

3. Building an App from Scratch with Meteor JS

This is an online tutorial written by Matthew Platts where he shows how to build a Meteor app from scratch. The tutorial builds a simple app that allows you to record the scores of foosball matches.

App from Scratch with MeteorJS

4. BulletProof Meteor

BulletProof Meteor is an online course for learning how to build fast and efficient Meteor apps. Content of BulletProof Meteor comes in three packages with the basic package being free. The free package takes you through the basics of performance optimizations for Meteor apps.

BulletProof Meteor

5. Meteor Cookbook

Meteor Cookbook is an online tutorial for Meteor which has been compiled and curated from over 2 years of emails and discussions from the Meteor google group and from author’s (Abigail Watson) experience with Meteor.

Meteor Cookbook


6. Meteor Learning

Meteor Learning is a huge compilation of tutorials, articles and learning resources for building apps with Meteor framework.

Learning Meteor

7. Meteor Academy

Meteor Academy contains a series of online tutorials taking you through building web applications with Meteor. Meteor Academy is built by Ciara Burkett to help novice web developers learn Meteor. Applications built in the tutorial are open source and available on GitHub.

Your First Meteor Application

More Meteor Learning Resources

We have included the following resources as we found them to be useful in learning Meteor.

1. MeteorPad

MeteorPad is a JSFiddle or CodePen like online code playground for Meteor. You can edit and run Meteor code inside your browser, see the results instantaneously and share pads with others.


2. is a Hacker News style community site for Meteor discussion and for submitting and discovering the latest news and updates about Meteor. It is built by Sacha Grief using his open source meteor app Telescope. Meteor Community

3. The Meteor Podcast

The Meteor Podcast is a weekly podcast by Josh Owens and Ry Walker sharing latest news from the Meteor ecosystem.

The Meteor Podcast

4. Meteorpedia

Meteorpedia is an unofficial Meteor Wiki containing more learning resources for developing with the Meteor JavaScript Framework.

Meteorpedia Meteor Wiki

Meteor is a fairly new Framework for web and mobile application development but is quickly catching up in popularity among developers. We hope that these free tutorials and online resources will help you learn the Meteor JavaScript Framework with ease.

Do let us know if we happened to miss any of the free learning resources for learning Meteor in our list. You can also let us know if you build or have built an Open Source app with Meteor so that we can share it with our readers.

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