Figuring the Mobile App Development Cost, Process and Time [Infographic]

The integration of mobility in businesses has really opened the success door to reach at the desired audience very quickly. But, creating a mobile app is not like a one time pitch where you complete the process and you are done. It is more about bringing the best quality features in the mobile application.

While planning to develop your own mobile app, it is very difficult to find the answers of some frequent questions such as “What would be the development cost of my mobile app?”, “How long my app would take to fully develop and publish?”, etc.

The below infographic, designed by a mobile application development company TheNineHertz, has beautifully outlined the various factors that can help you to decide the true cost and time to develop your mobile app.

app development cost - infographic

True cost of developing the mobile app

Since, all the mobile apps differ is some ways, there is not a unique cost structure that can fit for all of them.  While it can’t be ideally determined how much your Android or iOS app would cost, but still you can have an approximate idea about it.

Depending on the variables such as level of complexity, mobile platform (Android/iOS), hourly prices, location etc, you can clearly get an estimation of development cost. For example, the application with the integration of multiple API’s and rich features would obviously cost much higher than a simple standalone smartphone application.

Steps followed to fully develop the mobile app

At the initial level, the clear goal is decided and the back end is prepared, including management of users, integration of 3rd party data, server side logic etc.

Once the back end is ready, the front end is created consisting of UI design, data synchronization testing etc and finally, when all the steps are done, the app is deployed.

Time to build the mobile application

According to the research, the time of 18 weeks is estimated to completely prepare and publish a mobile app in the market which is pretty much equal to build 168 cars and 3 concrete pools.  The time can vary depending on the location and mobile platform.

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  1. Thanks for providing such resourceful content. I do agree regarding the facts presented in this info graphic, to build something time and capital is definitely required.

  2. Wow. What a great post. Thanks a lot for the insightful ideas about Mobile App Development Cost, Process and Time. I do agree regarding the facts presented in this info graphic, to build something time and capital is definitely required. Thanks for sharing this info graphics.

  3. I am very glad to read all in detail about the cost and time for the development of different types of mobile apps. mobile app development is not a simple process. every app owner want to know that how much cost he will have to spend to develop his app and how much time his app will take to get full popularity before hiring a app developer. Some times app developers feel difficulty to explain everything in detail. your this info graphic is very useful for app developers to give fully information to her clients.


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