10 Features That You Must Have in your Fitness Tracking App

features fitness tracking apps

If you are in a business dealing with fitness tracking apps or you want to use these kinds of apps, it’s good to know which features need to be in these apps. Fitness tracking apps have flooded the market, each having a unique set of features. This makes it hard to choose an app or to decide what to include in your app.

Here are the top 10 features that should never miss in your fitness tracking app.

1. Reminders and Push Notification Features

Almost all people who exercise regularly would want to attend all sessions. However, they may need a little push to do so. Once in a while, it may slip out of their mind, especially when they are busy. That’s why you need to include this feature in your app to give the users the push they need. This explains why many companies invest a lot of time and capital to come up with reminders or push notification systems in their apps.

2. Integrate Geo-location

The geo-location feature is a must-have in your fitness tracking app. The users need to track their routes to help them build a system of paths on which they can exercise. It also helps them to record their workouts.

Geo-location feature is also a guarantee to the users that they can’t get lost in the city or the forest while working out. The feature will show them their position and the routes they can use to get back home.

By integrating this feature into the fitness tracking app, it will find a space in the hearts of the users as it can also track the progression of fitness over a long period.

3. Personalized Experience

Every individual is unique. That’s why the best fitness tracking app should show personal information such as weight, gender, height, and age. That is when it can be useful in tracking activity and evaluating fitness levels.

An app that offers personal experience will give accurate details and allow users to customize it according to their needs. So, when building a fitness app, include features that can allow users to plan their exercise routines, compare their progress/performance, set goals, and save the statistics they get.

4. Gamification

Gamification is the best way to encourage users to engage with the fitness tracking app. It gives the users some goals to achieve then receive some rewards. Imagine an app that can play your favorite music after you manage five pushups or crunches at the gym, can’t that push you to do more? Of course, it will.

Many users want an app on which they can set targets then struggle to achieve those targets. So consider including gamification in your fitness tracking app. It should also allow the users to set up several tasks to complete within a fixed duration. The app should also have penalties for users who cannot meet their targets.

5. Synchronization On Several Devices 

Your fitness tracking app should be able to synchronize with a variety of devices. Remember, many users want to exercise wherever they are, and they should have the app available on whichever device they have carried. 

6. Online Chat and Consultation 

It is difficult to exercise alone. That’s why many people look for partners. If you can’t get a partner, then you may need an app that can easily connect you with other people with the same goal as you. 

You may also need to connect with an expert who can guide you during your workouts. A good fitness tracking app should have that online chat and consultation feature.

7. Food Tracker

An expert who knows how to make a calorie counter app must always include a food tracker in the app. Having a healthy lifestyle is not just about exercise, but it also encompasses your diet.

Relying only on workouts can not give you the desired results if you consume too many calories. A food tracker helps with tracking your calorie intake in real-time so you can only consume the exact amount as per the requirement of your body 

8. Altimeter

An altimeter measures the change in altitude (height). It is necessary for a fitness app because it allows the user to know how high they have gone while climbing a hill or stairs. 

You also need this feature in the app to measure the efforts you make while running or jogging. The data you get from the app will help you monitor your progress.

9. Sleep Tracker

Sleep is important to maintain a healthy body. With the busy lifestyle that most people have today, there are high chances that some people don’t get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to many health complications. This can get worse if you undertake strenuous workouts and fail to get enough sleep.

A fitness tracking app should track your sleeping habits to ensure you get enough hours of sleep. The user will have to wear the tracker and activate it just before going to bed. 

10. Water Tracker

A water tracker is also as important as a food tracker. Water is an essential component of your diet. Your body will lose a lot of water at the gym. About 60% of your body is made of water, and this level needs to be maintained. That’s why you need to take between 2 – 3 liters of water per day.

A water tracker integrated into your fitness tracking app will enable you to monitor the water level in your body so you can know when you need to re-hydrate.

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The ten features discussed above should be your minimum requirement in a fitness tracking app. Many people today understand why physical activity is important for their health. Some of these people are too busy to join gyms, while some cannot afford the fees charged at the gyms. So, having a fitness tracking app is their next best option. That’s why a fitness tracking app should be packed with features that make workouts easier and enjoyable.

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