5 Must-Have Productivity Tools For Business Admins

productivity tools business admins

Businesses achieve their goals when they invest in productivity tools. After all, they save business owners and their teams ample amounts of time. Since a company’s time is invaluable and directly impacts its success, business owners look to IT admins like you for helpful technology advice. In order to supply them with the best advice, you need to understand what the top tools for productivity are. Read on to learn about the must-have productivity tools for business.


One of the most effective productivity tools is biometrics. Numerous business owners fail to realize how much this tool can impact their efficiency levels. Remind these business owners of how much time they waste when they misplace or forget their passwords. They have to either spend time looking for lost passwords or waste time creating new ones.

After you remind them of this, continue on to explain how biometrics work. Tell them how the tool can eliminate the possibility of losing passwords to begin with. With biometrics, employees can simply log into portals through finger and retina scanning. Passwords are not necessary whatsoever, which means that they cannot go missing. Authorized employees will never use valuable time to fix password issues. Improve companies’ productivity levels with this tool.

Time Tracking Software

Another great productivity-enhancing technology to offer business owners is time tracking software. This tool allows employees to monitor their own progress. For most workers, seeing how much time they are spending on tasks motivates them to constantly improve their work ethics. Moreover, managers can easily keep track of how well their teams are working. It establishes benchmarks and expectations to complete tasks within a reasonable time frame. When employees are aware that their managers can easily track their time spent on each project, their motivation to produce more quality work grows even more. With this being said, time tracking software boosts companies’ productivity levels.

Collaboration Tools

Additionally, businesses are more productive on a daily basis when they use collaboration tools. When teams converse with one another throughout the day, they complete projects faster. They can solve problems quicker and bounce ideas off one another. The best online collaboration solutions include tools such as group chats and group editing. They also allow teams to store their files in one shared location. That way, all team members can stay up-to-date on every project element in real time. Furthermore, an intranet system can also help your team communicate more efficiently. Click here to learn more about the benefits of internal communication systems. 

Leave Management Tools

Leave management tools also improve companies’ productivity levels. They enable business owners to create work schedules more efficiently. Employees can request time off on their mobile devices. Employers can receive workers’ requests on their mobile devices as well. As a result, business owners can respond right away by either approving the requests or denying them. When they approve a request, the software alters the calendar accordingly. Employers no longer have to change schedules themselves. They simply have to look at it to make a well-informed decision. If you want to save business owners time, show them the top leave management tools.


Lastly, cybersecurity tools promote more productive workspaces. When companies undergo a cyber breach, they not only risk losing customers. They also lose valuable time. Rather than continuing their work, they have to take action to save their sensitive data. At the same time, teams have to pause their work to remove hackers from the situation. Companies that did not undergo security awareness training can spend hours trying to get their information back or make matters even worse. By installing the top cybersecurity tools in offices, you reduce threats that delay business operations. Simultaneously, you give business owners the piece of mind that enables them to complete tasks quickly. Hence, you need to include cybersecurity tools in your services to enhance companies’ workflows.If you want to assist companies in boosting their efficiency, you need to identify the best productivity tools for business. For instance, biometrics tools eliminate the possibility of companies wasting time on trying to figure out forgotten passwords. Time tracking software solutions motivate employees to complete projects promptly. Collaboration tools allow teams to finish tasks on time. When business owners use leave management tools, they simplify their scheduling processes. Finally, cybersecurity tools prevent cyber breaches from occurring and hindering workflows. Provide business owner clients with these must-have productivity tools.

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