12 Free Online Picture Editors for Editing Images Without Installing Any Software

Sometimes you don’t want to install a software just to make few basic changes to images for your apps and website. The online picture editors  listed below may come in handy whenever you have this kind of need.

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Free Online Photo Editors

All these photo editors are web based and pretty easy to use. They give you a lot of basic image editing functionalities like cropping, rotating, resizing etc. We have included tools with advanced image editing capabilities too such as smudge tool and clone stamp tool. Moreover, you will also find it easy to apply image effects such as HDR, retro, grayscale etc. with some of these online photo editors.


Crello is an online graphics and video editor where you can make your advertising creative and catchy in almost a couple of clicks. The service helps you create your own unique design in a few steps using ready-made templates prepared by professional designers. The gallery is constantly being updated, so you can always find something new. It is possible to change colors, add or remove elements, labels, images. Also in addition to the web version, there are applications for Android and iOS as well.



PixlrEditor is one of the most popular online photo editor. It provides from basic to many advance photo editing features like smudge tool, clone stamp tool, magic wand and lasso tool which are found in Photoshop. You can edit images from your hard drive, open images via URL or even open images from online libraries like your Facebook account.

online picture editors

Pixlr also provides two other quick photo editing tools called Pixlr express and Pixlr O-Matic.

Pixlr express provides More than 600 effects, overlays, and borders to personalize any image and means to fix any picture including red-eye removal, and whitening teeth.

Pixlr O-Matic can be used to add fun retro effects to your photos in a snap and transform your photos into cool looking vintage images.


PicMonkey is another popular online image editor which provides lots of basic to advanced functionalities. PicMonkey allows you to edit your photos from your dropbox, facebook as well as flickr accounts. It is also good for designing your Facebook cover or for making a collage.



Fotor provides a wide variety of image editing services online, that include Basic photo editor, photo collage maker, HDR image maker, Beauty retouching and photo cards maker.



BeFunky is another online picture editor which provides features similar to that of PicMonkey, which include photo editor, photo effects and collage maker. They also allow you to edit your photos from your dropbox, facebook as well as flickr accounts and many other sources.



Upperpix is an easy to use photo editor. There are many options to edit your images online such as draw on image, rotate, resize, add text to image, apply image filters and much more.



iPiccy helps make your photo awesome with many easy to use photo editing tools and beautiful photo effects. iPiccy also offers a wide variety of photo retouching tools such as Blemish fixer, Wrinkle remover, Red-eye fix, Teeth whitening effect etc. Clone tool is also included in this online photo editor.



FotoFlexer which touts itself to be the most advanced online image editor, offers a range of photo effects and image editing features. It also includes photo retouching tools to beautify an image such as fixing blemishes and smoothing wrinkles. You can even add decorations to your pictures with FotoFlexer, these decorations include adding stickers, glitter text or adding borders and frames to a picture.



Sumopaint is another powerful online image editor. The free version of Sumopaint provides basic image editing capabilities while the paid version provides additional tools and image filters.



If the only thing that you need is to apply a filter to your image then Picfull can come in handy. It allows you to apply many different filters like vintage, sepia etc. to your image and easily save or share to facebook and twitter.



PhotoFunia is an online photo editing tool that gives you a fun filled experience by allowing you to apply special effects to your images like converting your photo into a sketch, displaying your photo on a billboard or a magazine and a lot more effects.


Canva Photo Editor

You may already know about Canva, as a simple drag and drop design software that is completely online and free to use. They also offer an online photo editor for basic needs such as cropping, resizing, flipping and rotating images and also for applying filers such as Selfie, Drama, Grayscale, Retro etc.


We regularly update this list of online picture editors, however we may have missed your favorite one. So please do us a favor and add any such online tools, which you found useful for image editing, in comments. Also don’t forget to share this post if you found it useful.

6 thoughts on “12 Free Online Picture Editors for Editing Images Without Installing Any Software”

  1. Sumopaint is no longer worth anything as a free application. Only about 5 filters available unless you purchase. Terrible when compared to everything Pixlr gives you for free. Oh and pixlr doesn’t surround my workspace in ads.

  2. You should do an update to this, call it 8 instead of 7, and add Ribbet.com. They are offering all their tools, including premium services, for free right now.

  3. Nice list of photo editing apps. Some like BeFunky or Fotor really trigger creativity.
    I would also recommend giving PhotoMarks a try.
    It’s a batch watermarking app, really useful for content protection.

  4. Nice list of photo editors, so glad you mentioned tools like Fotor and PicMonkey. I use them because they work great not only as photo editors, but also as collage makers.
    In addition I would also recommend checking out BatchPhoto Espresso.
    It’s a free online tool that works great for optimizing images. It can resize, convert, crop or rotate multiple images at the same time.


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