Participate in #MakeAnAppDevHappyDay on Twitter to Promote your Apps

It’s #MakeAnAppDevHappyDay on Twitter today!

DVLUP, the popular developer community by Nokia, celebrates the first Friday of every month as #MakeAnAppDevHappyDay and encourages developers to share their app with this hashtag to users. This not only helps users to discover great new app, but also encourages them to rate and review the app.



#MakeAnAppDevHappyDay was started by Dan Colasanti. DVLUP picked it up and turned into a monthly event to help developers promote their apps on a regular basis.


Get Involved!

#MakeAnAppDevHappyDay is all about making a developer happy. Follow the hashtag to discover new apps being shared by developers.

Leave a good rating and review when you like an app and let the developer know. It is sure to make the developer happy.

But more than that, if you are a developer yourself, you are more likely to get a rating and review back for one of your apps too!

Don’t get left out and participate!

A better way to share your app

App Promo is a new and better way to share your app. It allows you to create a promotional picture of your app containing the application’s icon and the QR Code for download.

It’s developed by Sébastien Lachance, the developer behind App Spotlights. Sébastien has kept the trial version of the app fully functional leaving you no excuse for not using it to promote your apps :)



  1. Pariticipate in #MakeAnAppDevHappyDay on Twitter every month (first Friday) and promote your apps.
  2. Review apps of other developers on this day and let them know to get a review back for one of your apps. Do the same for developers who review your app.
  3. Share your app using AppPromo to include your app logo and a QR code for easy download.

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