Learn Windows Phone App development with these free courses by Microsoft Virtual Academy

Starting development for Windows Phone apps but don’t know where to start? Microsoft Virtual Academy offers free training by Experts on a variety of technologies. Below I have listed some great free courses offered by Microsoft Virtual Academy which can help you learn Windows Phone App development.

Windows Phone 8 Development for Absolute Beginners

Learn Windows Phone 8 development starting from the absolute basics including installation of Visual studio and working with the emulator. Also learn about XAML layout and events, utilize phone’s built in features and additional utility libraries. This tutorial also walks you through building two complete apps. Presented by Bob Tabor and Clint Rutkas, this 11+ hour of Windows Phone 8 development course is sure to get you up to speed.

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XAML Deep Dive for Windows & Windows Phone Apps Jump Start

If you develop apps with C# and XAML, then this course is for you to boost your XAML skills. This course focuses on the ins and outs of XAML and is presented by Microsoft Principal Technical Evangelist Jaime Rodriguez and Senior Director for IdentityMine Laurent Bugnion.

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Porting Unity games to Windows 8.1 & Windows Phone

Unity is one of the most popular game development engine and supports development for Windows 8 and Windows Phone too. Take this course to learn how to port your existing games from other platforms to Windows Store as well as Windows Phone.

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Build Apps for Both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Jump Start

This course is focused on helping developers maximize code reuse when building apps for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platform. The course is targeted to current Windows Phone developers who want to use their experience in making their apps available for Windows 8 as well.

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More Free Courses

Take a look at following courses too by Microsoft Virtual Academy on Windows Phone App Development.

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