5 Reasons To Choose JavaScript for Frontend and Backend

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While there are many programming languages on the market, JavaScript is the most popular one. Thanks to the numerous frameworks, libraries, and tools JavaScript offers, it is regularly used to create a wide range of applications, including webpages, server applications, web applications, games, mobile applications, and even smartwatch applications. 

This lightweight programming language has high-end functions that make it an excellent choice for frontend and backend development. Read on to discover why JavaScript is a popular choice among developers.


In a fast-paced digital world where the attention span of people is dwindling, you have no option but to develop mobile applications and websites that load quickly. That’s why JavaScript is a favorite among developers. 

JavaScript is an interpreted, or just-in-time programming language, hence it reduces the time required for programming languages like Java to load. 

In addition, JavaScript is client server-side, meaning it executes on the user’s device and not the website’s server. As a result, the programming language minimizes server requests and improves the user’s experience.

Large Pool of Developers

You don’t want to use an unpopular programming language with scarce developers and a higher chance of dying out in the future. Currently, JavaScript has more than 12.4 million developers globally. 

Whether you are developing in-house or outsourcing from a freelance JavaScript software development company, your company is assured of a constant supply of skilled experts. As a result, your HR team can choose from the best of the best, and the company is assured of a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

With more than three million developers joining the JavaScript community, your programmers are assured of consistent development of their skills from collaboration with a large pool of experts. The community creates a platform where programmers can get answers to their challenges while partnering with industry thought-leaders.

The Fastest Way To Launch Your Startup 

Full-stack JavaScript developers can develop several applications in a jiffy using a wide variety of frameworks and libraries which are fairly easy to learn. With the introduction of Node.js, backend developers can complete complex tasks with a smaller team in no time.

According to Paypal, they built their account overview page in just a few months using the Node.js app. Paypal stated that the app made development twice as fast with fewer developers, who wrote fewer lines of code. To make your programming team more efficient and effective, choose JavaScript.

Full-Stack Privilege

Some programming languages are tailored specifically for either frontend or backend development. Unlike these languages, JavaScript is a full-stack development language that gives you the privilege of building all your applications from web to mobile from start to end without using any other language.

Javascript offers you a wide range of frontend frameworks such as Angular, Vue.js, React.js, Express.js, and many others for frontend development.

For your backend needs, you can deploy various available frameworks, like Node.js, Next.js, Gatsby, and others. Developing your application with different programming languages can sometimes result in incompatibility issues. 

Reusability Function 

The technology’s reusability function helps your programmers develop similar apps with already written codes with just a few tweaks, instead of starting from scratch each time.

Whether you are developing websites and advanced web applications, native-like web applications across OS platforms, IT solutions, clouds, and server-side infrastructures, JavaScript allows you to reuse your pre-coded modules, as well as package manager, task runner, IDE and libraries, among others. 

Making Your Final Decision

Deciding on which stack to use for developing your company’s applications is highly essential. A lot of factors go into choosing which programming language to deploy for building your applications. 

With several benefits such as access to a large pool of developers, faster application development, access to an active community of developers, choosing JavaScript for your development is an excellent decision.

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