6 Ways to Make Your Packaging Stand Out

ways standout packaging

The packaging that you use for your products can be much more than a practical container. Your packaging is your opportunity to make your brand and product stand out even before the recipient opens the parcel. In turn, that can lead to customer loyalty and an increase in sales.

Here are six simple but effective ways of making your packaging stand out.

1. Make Your Packaging Colorful 

It can often be worth spending more money on your packaging if it will lead to more sales, so don’t underestimate how much of a difference your packaging can make.

Consider ditching standard white or brown boxes and instead go with colorful packaging that’s sure to be noticed by the recipient.

A customer is sure to remember a bright red box, for example, rather than packaging that looks like every other package. Just make sure you select a color scheme that matches your brand and product range.

2. Get Creative with Labels and Stickers

Plain packaging won’t stand out, but it can be costly to print your branding directly onto packaging. A great alternative is to use customized labels that you add to the packaging yourself.

By going down this route, you can easily change your label designs later down the line. Furthermore, when you use a custom sticker maker platform like StickerYou to create customized stickers and labels, you can add other visuals and information to your packaging when you’re running a special promotion, for instance.

Basically, you have much more creative freedom and can change things up as required when you use specifically designed stickers and labels on your packaging to grab your customers’ attention.

3. Add Inserts to Your Packaging

You should consider both the exterior and interior of your packaging. To make your customers feel special, consider including inserts inside your packaging.

The insert could be a thank you note or you could use it to promote your other products. You could even add the customer’s name to an insert thank you note to make it even more personal.

When you add thoughtful and personal touches to your packaging, you’re sure to engage your customers more. In turn, that will lead to more sales.

Inserts are very affordable too, as you can design them and print them out yourself.

4. Add Ribbons or Bows

Little touches can make all the difference, so consider adding ribbons or bows to your packaging.

By doing so, you can make the product feel more like a gift and the recipient will get even more joy out of receiving the item.

5. Consider the Material of Your Packaging

There are lots of different types of materials and variations of materials you can use for your packaging, so think outside of the box to get your customers more interested in your box!

Tactile materials, like quality cardboard with ridges, for example, can win over customers. Alternatively, you could choose an eco-friendly or recycled material to show your customers how much you care about the environment and sustainable business practices.

Other distinctive materials that you could use as part of your packaging include wallpaper, aluminum foil, and wool.

6. Use Stand-out Shapes

Packaging doesn’t have to be rectangular. Depending on the product you’re sending through the mail, you could choose another shape that will really help your packaging to stand out.

For example, if you sell T-shirts, you could roll them up in tubes. That could save you money and make your packaging look more distinctive and memorable.

You could go further and use star-shaped or circular boxes for your product. The key is to marry your packaging shape and design with your brand and product line.

Cover Image by Harry Strauss from Pixabay

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