Windows Phone 10 Concept Designs

About a year ago we published a Windows Phone 9 UI Concept by designer Ghani Pradita, which received fair amount of praises. Little did anyone know that Microsoft will skip the number ‘9’ and jump straight to ’10’ for Windows. As Microsoft is releasing more and more info about Windows 10 (expected to be released in 2015), designers have already started visualizing the next mobile version of Windows, the Windows Phone 10.

Windows Phone 10 is expected to be released at the same time as Windows 10 in 2015. While a preview version is not yet out for Windows Phone 10 and may not be coming for another few months, we can always drool over some of the coolest Windows Phone 10 Concept Designs meanwhile.

Windows Phone 10 Design

– by Moises David Perez Naranjo

This Windows Phone 10 design concept, by Moises David Perez Naranjo, showcases interactive notification panel, interactive and bigger live tiles, a new unlock screen style as well as new unlocking mechanism. You can head over to the designer’s profile page on Behance to find more of his design work on Windows.

windows phone 10 design cocept 1

windows phone 10 design cocept 2

windows phone 10 design cocept 3 windows phone 10 design cocept 4
windows phone 10 design cocept 5

Windows Phone 10 Concept Video

This Windows Phone 10 Concept video, by AGVideos, displays an animated User Interface of some of the new expected/rumored features like interactive tile, landscape mode support for start screen, accessibility for bigger screen (much like iOS), smart task bar and much more.

Windows Phone 10 Concept

by Ghani Pradita

Designer Ghani Pradita, who made the previous Windows Phone 9 UI Concept has also released his Windows Phone 10 Concept design which as usual is a treat to the eye. Watch a short animation of his design below, followed by his concept design for Windows Phone 10.

WP 10 Concept Animation by Ghani Pradita
WP 10 Concept Animation by Ghani Pradita






What do you think of these Windows Phone 10 concept designs? Let us know in the comments below.

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