ZenRows: An alternative to ScrapingBee for Small Teams


Data is crucial for company growth. However, getting data can be time-consuming. By automating the data extraction process, small teams can save time and resources while obtaining accurate and up-to-date information.

Web scraping offers valuable insights and efficiency gains to firms of all sizes. Yet, small teams encounter difficulties in selecting an ideal web scraping solution tailored to their specific requirements: affordability and effectiveness.

In this article, we examine two such tools: ScrapingBee, a long-standing web scraping tool, and ZenRows, the emerging superior alternative. We’ll delve into their shared features and highlight ZenRows’ unique advantages.

Why is web scraping important for small teams?

Web scraping is crucial for small teams for several reasons. Firstly, it enables access to vast amounts of data from the internet, leveling the playing field with larger competitors. Small teams can gather valuable information on market trends, customer feedback, and competitive intelligence without the need for extensive resources.

Secondly, web scraping automates data collection and eliminates manual data entry, saving time and reducing human errors. This efficiency is particularly valuable for small teams with limited workforce.

Additionally, web scraping empowers small teams to make data-driven decisions. By extracting data from websites, they can analyze it to gain insights, make informed choices, and develop strategies that align with market dynamics.

Web scraping facilitates real-time monitoring of websites for changes, such as price fluctuations or news updates, enabling small teams to adapt quickly to market shifts. Web scraping can aid lead generation and customer acquisition by extracting contact information and identifying potential clients or partners.

Web scraping empowers to compete effectively in the digital landscape, optimize operations, and make data-informed decisions, all while saving time and resources.

Challenges faced by small web scraping teams

Some of the issues common to small web scraping teams include:

  • Limited resources: Small teams often have limited resources, including budget constraints and a smaller workforce. They need a cost-effective and efficient web scraping solution.
  • Technical expertise: Web scraping requires technical knowledge and coding skills. Small teams may lack the expertise to develop or scale up scraping projects.
  • Scalability: As small teams grow, their data needs increase. They require a web scraping solution that can scale with their growing demands.
  • Reliability and uptime: Small teams rely on web scraping for critical data acquisition. They need a solution that offers high reliability and minimal downtime, ensuring that their data collection processes run smoothly without interruptions.

A comparative analysis: ZenRows vs ScrapingBee

To further understand why ZenRows is the ideal alternative for small web scraping teams. Let’s compare ZenRows and ScrapingBee in various aspects:

Avoid getting blocked

ZenRows has something special for small teams: a power-packed anti-bot toolkit. Many websites have defenses against bots, and this can be a problem for small teams trying to scrape data. Manual scraping could also be tiresome and expensive. ZenRows’ toolkit helps these teams get past those walls, making it easier to collect data without getting stopped.

Now, when you compare both tools, ZenRows is a pro at bypassing anti-bot measures, especially with its AI-powered capabilities.


Both APIs offer comprehensive and user-friendly documentation, simplifying the integration of their APIs into small teams’ workflows. Both providers also offer valuable technical support to assist teams in their data extraction endeavors.

Dynamic content

Both ZenRows and ScrapingBee have the capability to scrape Javascript-rendered websites effectively. This is vital for small teams, as many modern websites rely on JavaScript to dynamically load and display information. By having the capability to scrape such JavaScript-rendered websites, both tools empower small teams to access real-time and interactive data efficiently.

Proxy rotation

Proxy rotation is essential for maintaining anonymity and preventing IP blocking while scraping. Both ZenRows and Scraping Bee offer proxy rotation features. However, ZenRows’ uses a larger pool of a more diverse range of proxy types.


At the $99 price point, both providers offer one million API credits in their startup plans. However, ZenRows’ more advanced anti-bot bypass features guarantee more reliability, which makes it a better choice.


The importance of web scraping for small teams cannot be overstated. It empowers them with the tools needed to access valuable data, make data-driven decisions, and compete effectively in the digital landscape. However, choosing the right web scraping solution is crucial, as small teams often face unique challenges like limited resources and technical expertise.

In our comparison, it’s clear that ZenRows is an ideal alternative to ScrapingBee for small web scraping teams. Its anti-bot toolkit, powerful proxies, and advanced features make it a reliable and efficient solution. ZenRows’ user-friendly interface, robust documentation, and excellent support options ensure a seamless and successful web scraping experience.

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