5 Tips for getting your apps reviewed by Review Sites

Submitted your app to app review sites, but they didn’t write about it? Or may be you are planning to submit your app to the review sites but don’t know how to approach.

Read the following 5 Tips and make your app stand out from others when applying for a review.


1. Make a Demo Video

Popular app review sites get tons of applications everyday for reviewing an app. If you approach them with a handy demo video which can quickly show them the striking features of your app then there is a higher chance that they will notice and write about it. Moreover, you also give them a ready made video that they can embed in their review post and skip making one of their own.

You may want to use tools like CamStudio or Screenr to record the demo. Host the video on YouTube or Vimeo and provide them the link.

2. Provide Promotional Images

If making a video seems bit daunting, then at the very least provide a good looking promotional image for your app. An app review always contains some kind of media, video or an image. By providing a video or a promotional image, you make it easy for the reviewers to write review of your app.

Host your image online on sites like photobucket if there isn’t an option to attach the image.

3. Give all details

If you asked for a review like this “Have a look at my AwesomeApp and please do a review”. Don’t!

Don’t force them to waste their time on finding your app in the store and then doing a research on it. At the very least provide the following:

  • App Name
  • Publisher Name
  • App Category
  • A brief overview of your app (what makes it special?)
  • Link to download app
  • Free or Paid (Any detail about on-going discount)
  • Incase of Paid app, provide alternate way of accessing the app
  • Link to your app’s demo Video and promotional images.

4. Research

Read and research the App Review site that you are applying to. Look for elements that they generally talk about in an app review. Figure out which of your app will fit best into the category of apps that they usually review. For instance, some sites may usually just focus on games, while others may focus on family friendly apps.

5. Put your best app forward

Ask for a review for your most polished app. Don’t submit all your apps at once and make them feel like you are spamming them.

If you find this useful then please don’t forget to share it with others. Or may be not, if you don’t want other developers to know about it. ;)

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