App Review sites for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps

Getting your app reviewed by popular App Review sites can bring a lot of exposure and downloads for your app. If you are looking for App Review sites for submitting your Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps, I have compiled a list of app review sites below along with their submission/contact page, so that you don’t need to spend time looking for them.

The list is presented in order of the traffic ranking (alexa rankings at the time of writing, lower rank means more traffic) of the sites. This can help you choose and prioritize your submission to these sites.

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Review sites

Most of the sites listed below are exclusive sites for Windows Phone and Windows 8 and therefore a review or mention by them would mean the right set of audience will see your app.

Site Rank Submit/Contact
WPCentral 4255 Contact
Addictive Tips 6766 Contact
WMPoweruser 16061 Contact
WinBeta 23846 Contact
All About Windows Phone 109856 Contact
Geek Champ App Wall 137953 Contact
Windows Observer 245718 Contact
1800 Pocket PC 304122 Contact
Windows Phone Daily 327162 Contact
Nokia Views 421567 Contact
McAkins Online 559954 Contact
WP7 Connect 621851 Contact
Best WP7 Games 726368 Contact
Best Windows 8 Apps 774272 Website
Windows Phone Review 1016022 Contact
WPCyte 1180706 Contact/Tip
Windows Phone Area 6274883 Contact
Windows Parent 7727360 Contact

Apps for Promotion

Following is a list of popular apps which promote other apps. They may have special requirements like asking you to make your app free for a day, or provide a discount for a time period. Nonetheless they can prove to be beneficial by increasing your apps popularity.

App Download App Submit/Contact
myAppFree Download Contact
App Deals Download Contact
AppFlow App Discovery Download Contact from within the app
App discovery by Windows Parent Download Contact

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10 thoughts on “App Review sites for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps”

  1. Hello admin, My name is Chris and I am chief editor of Windows Phone Area. I noticed that you’ve included our site in the list which is great. Windows Phone Area website is constantly improving its rank, so please update our Alexa rank if possible. Thank you.

    • Hi Chris. Good to hear from you! As you may have noticed, the article clearly states that the Alexa ranks are as per date of writing the article. It would be unfair to the rank of one website. We will surely do a follow up post some time later for updated list of App review sites with their updated ranks.

  2. Hi Kanish :) Thank you for keeping us in mind, we are here to help the Windows Phone developer community promote their apps to parents. We specialized in kids apps, from newborn to teenage years :)
    We speak two languages English and Spanish and our team is currently growing, as we have plans to penetrate other languages in the very near feature.

    Once again, thank you for keeping us in mind and we love promoting your app My Text Twister specially during the holidays :)

  3. This is the new owner and Editor-in-Chief of 1800Pocket/PC. Thank you for including the site in the list. 1800PPC focuses 100% on WP and Windows apps and software, rather than software + devices. This allows the site to better target audiences who are looking for more apps for their phones, tablets, and PCs.

    I’m looking forward to helping Windows devs get their apps out there! :)


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