‘Be You’ Quote Poster with Colorful 3D Typography Effect

Vibrant gradient effect and typography come together in our latest free poster with the motivational words – ‘Be You’.

The poster features 3D text effect which looks similar to the strokes created by piping cream as seen on cakes and cup-cakes. The text is drawn with a mix of contrasting-colors gradient effect and is laid out on a soft purple gradient background to tie up the whole composition.

The poster is available for free download as high quality 1080×1080 px JPG image. This image size and square aspect ratio is ideal for sharing on your social channels especially Instagram as well as for pinning on your Pinterest boards.


Here is the preview of the poster. Download it beneath the preview.

Be You Quote Poster Free Download
Be You – Quote Poster with 3D Typography Effect and Vibrant Gradients

Download ‘Be You’ Quote Poster

You can download this poster for free as high quality JPG image using the button below. Or, you can choose to purchase the Photoshop file that will give you access to its source PSD with well organized layers along with the JPG image.

The free poster is available under Creative Commons Attribution license. You are not allowed to remove the watermark from the free poster. If you purchase the license for PSD file, you can modify, adapt, and use it in your projects (personal or commercial) without watermark or attribution. For further details, kindly visit the licensing page.


For creating the 3D text effect, I was inspired by this tutorial by Nathaniel Dodson. The tutorial explores different techniques of using Mixer Brush tool in Photoshop to produce 3D typography effects without using the Photoshop 3D tools.

I also drew inspiration from the works of other designers who have creatively used bold, bright colors in their designs. You might want to browse through our graphic design showcases for finding color and typography inspiration for your own work:

If you like this poster, please share it among your friends and spread the word. Do also check our series of inspirational quote posters.

Monika Ratan

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