25+ Food & Restaurant WordPress Themes For Real Gourmets

To tell the truth, everyone likes to look at the photos of food on the internet. Especially, when they should be doing work. In this very case, the only option left is to look through some pictures of delicious cakes, for example, and think that it would be nice to eat at least two of them after accomplishing the goal. Actually, there are a plenty of food blogs that can be found online and the number of websites that advertise a restaurant or cafe is even more huge. Sometimes, it seems that it is impossible to create something new because everything creative and impressive has been already made. If you really think like this, our task is to talk you around with the help of this article. How are we going to do it? We will just show you that it’s not a big deal to build a website about food with the help of such a useful tool as a ready-made template.

A Short Guide for Those Who Haven’t Heard Such a Word

For those who are not experts in web-design, we introduce an amazing breakthrough which is called a ready-made template. With the help of it, you can create a marvelous website that will present your hobbies or business online. Actually, it’s crucial to find out the advantages of a ready-made template. To start with, we will compare it to a custom one. You can find a talented web-designer who will develop your online-project from scratch. You will definitely discuss the CMS that will be used for it, its design and color scheme, some additional features, plugins that will enhance website functionality, and so on. Now imagine in your mind how much time it will take. Then think what amount of money you will spend for this project. It’s not a very pleasant number, is it? In addition to this, you never know how the final result will look, but if we’re talking about ready-made templates, you can easily see an enormous amount of them and choose one to your own liking among them.

Moreover, all templates are really easy to install and customize. Yep, the custom website may be unique, but you can work with a color scheme and structure of the pages and create something that will definitely look like an online-project made by an expert. Don’t forget that themes are fully-responsive and mobile-friendly, so you will be delighted with their look on every possible gadget.

Are you ready to find a perfect food and restaurant WordPress theme that will boost your business and give it an amazing promotion? Let’s not spin out time and get straight to the point…

Cup o’ Java Responsive WordPress Theme

hop WordPress Theme

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like to drink coffee after a hard workday. Without a doubt, you are interested in one question: how can I make them buy my products, not a competitor’s? The answer is simple. You just need to build a website that will present your coffee shop at its best. This theme that was made exactly for such a purpose comes with a drag-and-drop builder that allows building pages without any coding skills. In addition to this, Cup O’Java has a stunning TM Gallery that will help you to build a powerful gallery with the pictures of your  products. Don’t forget about the fact that this template is fully-responsive which means that it will save its perfect look on every screen resolution.

Details Demo

Patisserie Cakery Responsive WordPress Theme

er WordPress Theme

A theme that will attract every sweet tooth in the world. Even its design looks very tasty and even delicious thanks to a superb color scheme. Moreover, this template has tons of powerful features that you will find useful. For example, custom widgets (as post carousel, simple slider, and some social media widgets) will provide you with some additional tricks and a dazzling functionality. In addition to this, you get 15 topical images for free as a small, but an enjoyable bonus.

Details Demo

Bettaso Cafe & Restaurant WordPress Theme

 Restaurant WordPress Theme

It doesn’t matter that summer has passed by, everyone can still make a picnic and take pleasure in a barbecue in the open air or visit a restaurant that offers such kinds of food. With the help of this theme, an array of gourmets will come to your restaurant to taste exactly your food. The template comes with multiple layout options that allow structuring the pages as you want. Furthermore, using an Appointment Manager your visitors can book a table just in a few minutes. Finally, you can build an online menu and display in posts or pages using an easy-to-manage plugin.

Details Demo

Vincenzo Delicious Pizza Responsive WordPress Theme

 - Feature-Rich Pizza Restaurant

If you want to build a “charismatic” website that will represent your pizza restaurant online, you should definitely take a glance at this very theme. It comes with a pack of Cherry Plugins that will boost the functionality of your online-project and make it even more attractive for your customers. In addition to this, they can use their mobile devices to have a peep at the website, because the template is fully-responsive and cross-browser compatible. Furthermore, you have the choice among 7 different header layouts and multiple layout options that will help you to give an amazing and unique look to the website.

Details Demo

Chateau Bakery and Receipts WordPress Theme

mp; Bakery Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme is another variant for those who are fond of something sweet and flavorful. It has an unbelievably helpful drag-and-drop builder that will save you a great amount of time during the customization of a process. Moreover, this template comes with a variety of hand-written fonts that will add some elegance to your future website. Don’t forget to open a demo version of the website and see this vividness in its entirety.

Details Demo

Plantables Vegetarian Restaurant WordPress Theme

an Restaurant WordPress Theme

Another stunning solution that can be used for making a wondrous website for the presentation of a vegetarian restaurant, it has a clear and fresh design that will catch an eye of every possible potential visitor. Moreover, it’s really possible to turn your potential clients into loyal customers with the help of booking and ordering buttons. In addition to this, you have an opportunity to customize your website in a live-mode with a help of WordPress Live Customizer that will make this process not only comfortable but also very pleasant.

Details Demo

Duval Wine Restaurant WordPress Theme

Wine & Winery WordPress Theme

Duval is a minimalistic template that was made for those who want to give a proper presentation to their wine restaurant. It gives your visitors an opportunity to book a table online and show them a table map. In addition to this, it won’t be a problem for you to customize this template and adjust it look because the theme comes with a WordPress Live Customizer that allows doing it without any particular efforts.

Details Demo

Bloggeti GPL WordPress Theme

 GPL WordPress Theme

Let’s turn our attention to the theme that was created for those who want to share their receipts with other people and tell about their experience in cooking. Blogetti includes a huge number of useful widgets that will make your blog look more than wonderful, for example, a drop-down menu or Google Web Fonts. It also has WordPress Live Customizer that helps to see every change that was made during the customization process.

Details Demo

GutenBerg Beer Pub and Brewery WordPress Theme

g - Beer Pub and Brewery WordPress Theme

GutenBerg is a perfect solution for the owners of the beer restaurants or taverns. Using multiple layout options, you can experiment with the structure of the pages and design them as your soul desires. Moreover, you can display the menu in posts, sidebars, or pages with the help of a plugin. Finally, you can use a collection of Google Web Fonts to make your website even more modern and stylish.

Details Demo

Vegetarian Restaurant Blog WordPress Theme

an Meals WordPress Theme

Let’s come back to the options that can be used for making a powerful website about vegetarian food. Actually, this very template can be used both for a presentation of the restaurant and blog about food. The theme has a drag-and-drop builder that will save your time, no matter who are you – a person who understands coding or a person who has never taken a look at it. Moreover, you have a chance to add more functionality to the website, thanks to an incredible pack of Cherry Plugins.

Details Demo

Delicia Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

a WP Theme

A savory theme that can add some spice to the presentation of your restaurant or cafe online. To begin with, it has a small collection of header layouts and multiple options that allow customizing a website in various ways. Moreover, you get custom widgets that offer different ways of presenting content and making a strong online presence. All in all, your visitors also have a chance to book a table right on the website.

Details Demo

TastyBites Recipe & Food Blog WordPress Theme

 Beverages WP Theme

If you are a fan of cooking who wants to share with others his/her experience and interchange some recipes, you should definitely turn your attention to this template. It’s really easy-in-use and intuitive, so neither you nor your visitors will have any troubles with it. Furthermore, TastyBites is packed with a number of useful widgets that will help you to build a website with a delicious design and powerful functionality. In addition to this, your readers can easily subscribe to your blog and be aware of the latest news.

Details Demo

White Whale Seafood Restaurant WordPress Theme WordPress

ale - Seafood Restaurant WordPress Theme

Frankly speaking, seafood becomes more and more popular every day. Moreover, you can see such restaurants practically on every corner of your city. Anyway, it’s possible to capture people’s attention to yours. White Whale is a template that can be customized even by those who are not experts in a coding because it has a magnificent drag-and-drop builder that will help you to do it. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to show the full menu on the website. Your visitors also can reserve a table online without any phone calls, which will save a great amount of their time.

Details Demo

Burger Palace Fast Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

d Restaurant WP Theme

Pizzas, salads, burgers, and sandwiches. Do you already want to taste something among the previously mentioned food? How is it possible to make everyone taste your fast food and not to go to another cafe? Just by purchasing Burger Palace! It’s a theme that will help you to make a right and amazing promotion to your business. Firstly, you can build an admirable menu with the help of an easy-to-use plugin. Then it will be easy for visitors to book a table in your restaurant with the help of an Appointment Manager. Finally, all of it you can get very easily, because the theme comes with a drag-and-drop builder that will get you out of any possible troubles in the customization process.

Details Demo

Hidalgo Mexican Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

food restaurant WordPress theme

¡Hola! ¿Quires tu tacos? For those who are loyal fans of traditional Mexican cuisine, this template is an ideal solution. A solution that has a marvelous design mixed with amazing functionality. What does it provide? To start with, an easy-to-use menu plugin with the help of which you can create a restaurant menu in a few minutes. In addition to this, you get an advanced page builder that allows structuring the pages in your own way.

Details Demo

Griddling Meat & Barbecue Restaurant WordPress Theme

p; Barbecue Restaurant WordPress Theme

One more option for the owners of a barbecue restaurant, his template also comes with a drag-and-drop builder that allows not to touch coding during the customization process. Moreover, you can add various types of content to the pages (for example, pricing tables or contact forms) thanks to content modules. Don’t forget that this theme has an Appointment Manager with the help of which you can easily organize your schedule.

Details Demo

Gusto Cafe & Restaurant WordPress Theme WordPress

P Theme

This theme can be used for the promotion of cafes, restaurants, and bistros. It comes with remarkable backgrounds and wondrous fonts that will draw people’s attention to your website without any doubt. Moreover, you have a variety of functional ready-made pages that can be named one more benefit of this template. You can also create a functional menu that will give  full information about the restaurant dishes.

Details Demo

Cookery book Receipts And Cooking WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme

Some of us have a huge and thick book with the recipes that were passed from generation to generation at home. Maybe, the pages in it have already torn, so it’s important to not lose all of these amazing recipes. With the help Cherry Projects that are included in this theme, you can easily display the best photos of the dishes. You can choose among a multiplicity of layout options and animations to create something unique. In addition to this, the theme is fully-responsive, so readers will see the same goodness on every device that they use.

Details Demo

Mizrahi Kosher Restaurant WordPress Theme

estaurant WordPress Theme

Yeah, it can be true that the website that presents Jewish traditional food may need a particular powerful template. So, our designer made an amazing theme that will be loved by your clients. Its design is really attractive and clear. In addition to this, you have an opportunity to see all made changes in it with the help of WordPress Live Customizer. By the way, Mizrahi has a GPL3 Licence, so you just buy the theme and use it forever.

Details Demo

Max Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

rdPress Theme

A perfect theme to give a rich presentation of your restaurant. It comes with a WordPress Multilingual Plugin that will help to spread the word about your website all around the world. Moreover, you can tell your clients the latest news about your company using the MailChimp Newsletter Integration. Your visitors can get in touch with you, because the template also includes an amazing contact form.

Details Demo

Tanaka Japanese Restaurant WordPress Theme

 Restaurant WordPress Template

It’s not very easy to fight all the competitors who offer Japanese food. There are crowds of them and, in this case, you just need to give the most attractive and creative presentation of your services. With the help of content modules, you can add a huge variety of images and buttons to the website pages. Furthermore, the theme includes splendid fonts and flexible layouts that will give a proper look to your future website.

Details Demo

Red Hot Grill Restaurant WordPress Theme

staurant WordPress Theme

A template that will remind you of hot summer days with its warm colors and coziness. Along with the theme, you get an enormous set of options that will help you to customize your theme. Moreover, you can easily give a superb promotion to your restaurant using some valuable social widgets that will spread the word about your business. In addition to this, you have a powerful tool, WordPress Live Customizer, that will prevent you from making mistakes and give you the results of your work without page reloading.

Details Demo

Chop-Chop Asian Restaurant WordPress Theme

od WordPress Theme

Here is another theme that can be used for presentation of an Asian restaurant. It’s not worse than the previous one. With the help of an easy-to-manage plugin, you can create the menu and show it, for example, in posts or sidebar. Furthermore, it’s not important to have a plenty of skills in coding to give a website a professional look. You will do everything using a drag-and-drop builder, and in this way, save your money and even nerves.

Details Demo

Giglio WordPress Theme


A website that represents a small comfortable cafe should also be homelike. This template provides you with a pleasant palette of tranquil colors that will create a needed atmosphere. Moreover, your visitors can find out more about your cafe thanks to a newsletter signup form. So, if you want to establish nice relationships with your customers, Giglio is a solution that seems perfect for your aim.

Details Demo

Gourmet Cuisine WordPress Theme

dPress Theme

If you consider your cafe to be one of the best places to sit with a family or friends on a chilly evening, you should tell everyone about it. You can get in touch with them by recording a video message, for example, and thanks to Video Integration put in on your website. Moreover, the blurred background adds elegance to your online-project.

Details Demo

Gulliver WordPress Theme

 Restaurant WP Theme

A brand-new way to represent your restaurant online with a help of this flamboyant template. If you are an owner of a modern restaurant or, for example, a theme cafe, you can fearlessly choose this variant. It will completely convey the atmosphere that prevails at your place. In addition to this, you can provide all the possible information (from cuisine and menu to prices for dishes) on the homepage. Finally, Google Maps API will show the precise location of your cafe.

Details Demo

Pasta and Ravioli Company WordPress Theme

 Beverages WordPress Template

A bright theme that will make everyone come to your restaurant. Handwritten fonts add chic and stylishness to this design. Moreover, the visitors have a chance to find out more about the recipes and some useful tips that will help them to make pasta at home. All in all, parallax animation will give an even more impressive look to the website.

Details Demo

Paggani Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme

dPress Template

A marvelous theme that comes with a full-screen layout mixed with a burger menu that doesn’t spoil the idea of the whole design; it only emphasizes the stunning look of the website. All effects and animations make your online-project even more impressive, but don’t prevent viewers from focusing on a main content.

Details Demo

Frutti Bar WordPress Theme

rdPress Theme

Maybe, you can say that this template is not the best in this selection, but let’s look at it a little bit closer. To start with, it’s very simple to install and customize, but the theme is really functional and good-looking. Frutti Bar is fully-responsive, so you don’t need to be bothered with a thought that it wouldn’t look properly on different devices. Finally, your clients can get in touch with you and write a message using a contact form.

Details Demo

Don’t waste your time and choose one of these marvelous themes to present your restaurant online! Yeah, it can be not so easy, because this selection is full of efficient themes. Take a closer look at them, open demo-versions of the website, and choose your perfect one. Thanks for reading!

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