11 Benefits to Hire Dedicated Developers for Your Startup

hiring dedocated developers

Many entrepreneurs will agree that hiring dedicated developers is a much more beneficial option for small and medium-sized companies than hiring in-house workers. As per Clutch 2021 Small Business Survey “80% of small businesses planned to outsource in 2021 to improve efficiency and access to resources”. Hiring dedicated developers is a perfect solution for large and long-term projects that require additional resources. 

According to the global IT outsourcing market study, the IT outsourcing industry is expected to grow by 98 billion USD by 2024. It keeps on developing quickly, proving its worth every day.

So, if you want to hire dedicated developers to improve the efficiency of the development process, firstly find out how it can help your business. Read our top reasons to hire dedicated developers.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

1. You can save your time

This is, probably, the most obvious benefit. By hiring a dedicated team to work on your project, you can focus your attention on business-related problems. When you start to understand that you are spending more time and money managing your IT department than doing core business tasks, you should definitely consider IT outsourcing. Especially when your business keeps on growing, and you don’t have resources to hire more and more in-house workers. 

Such services as Clutch, Upwork, and GoodFirms will allow you to quickly find IT outsourcing companies in accordance with your needs and budget, allowing you to save your time on searching for the right candidates.

You can regulate the level of control you want to get over the development process. For example, you can either play the role of product manager, or dedicate this task to a professional from your dedicated team and only monitor the process from time to time, staying in touch with the team. You can safely entrust IT-related problems to professionals while dedicating more time and resources to your business strategy development.

2. You can surpass your competitors by hiring a team of experts

Not all companies can boast a team of experts that get the work done quickly, provide high-quality service, meet all deadlines, etc. This can become a great advantage over your competitors.

3. You can save your budget

The main reason why many companies hire dedicated software developers is the cost. Outsourcing can often save up to 50% of the costs required to deliver a high-quality product. The right vendors can offer perfect price-to-quality ratio, so you can get high-quality product without excessive spends. You also won’t have to waste your budget on employees’ salaries, vacations, sick leaves, office rent, equipment, etc. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about any extra charges. The development cost will be fixed in the contract, and it will increase only if you decide to add additional features or something. 

4. It can help you handle your business grows

When your business grows quickly and your company expands, your employees may not just be able to handle the load even if you expand the staff. There are many examples when a company started with 3-5 workers and grew to 15-20 employees in the state, but its IT department remained at the same level. Such an approach hinders the development process and can lead to losses. Outsourcing allows you to build a scalable system that will meet your current business needs at minimal cost in a short time.

5. Fixed level of service quality

As you begin cooperation with the outsource development team, the company should offer you to agree on a detailed level of service. On this basis, the company will be responsible for the quality of services provided. In case of any violation, you will most likely be offered a substantial discount. The in-house specialists are often not ready to bear responsibility for mistakes financially, and tend to choose the path of changing employers. 

6. A wide range of highly qualified specialists 

If you want to hire dedicated developers this means that you lack the right experts in-house.

Companies that offer IT outsourcing services often employ a wide range of specialists of various specializations who work with different clients and different tasks. This means that you will get access to a talent pool of developers, designers, etc. So, you can hire a team of any size and any tech stack.

Having such a range of professionals in the company’s staff is a difficult and very expensive task. Besides, the outsource software development companies tend to improve the skills of their employees on a regular basis to provide the best quality of service for their customers.

7. You are not limited to your local talent pool

When you are hiring in-house team, you are limited by your city and region. When hiring a dedicated team, you can choose from talents from any part of the world: the USA, Canada, Western or Eastern Europe, India, etc. The specialists from different countries provide different quality of work, have different rates, etc. This way, you are free to choose from any level of specialists that suit you in terms of culture and geographical position.

8. Continuous service

The in-house workers need to go on vacations and sick leaves. If a developer from your dedicated team will need to leave for any of these reasons, the outsourcing company will just provide another specialist to ensure business continuity. This way, you won’t have to solve this problem by yourself. 

9. Systematization of the working process 

The companies that provide outsourcing services fix and control all the tasks that need to be done. Such tasks have a plan and an expected result. They also have special monitoring systems used to quickly react to the problems that may unexpectedly occur. This way, you will always be aware of the aspects of the process. Moreover, the outsource companies always look for ways to make the process of development more efficient. 

10. Flexibility

The dedicated team model offers a great level of flexibility: you can always rearrange the team and redirect its efforts according to your needs. Moreover, you can also scale your dedicated team. Just tell your vendor how much and what kind of specialists you need, and you won’t have to waste your time trying to find new talents. 

11. Quick kickoff

Choosing the dedicated team model, you won’t need to waste time by hiring developers one by one. This delays the start of your project. Hiring a whole dedicated development team from a reliable vendor that can help you quickly hire a team of any size that can save a lot of your valuable time allowing you to start a project as quickly as possible.

Final Words

Restoring to dedicated software development is a perfect way to go when you don’t have enough time to hire in-house workers, or when you are running out of resources for a certain project, or just need to focus on your business instead of management. So, our key benefits to hire dedicated developers are as such:

  • Reduction of costs
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Possibility to save time
  • Systematic and reliable service
  • Access to unlimited talent pool
  • High-quality service

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