The 5 Best Careers to Check into If You’re Looking to Make a Career Change

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Considering a new job or a career change this year? Well, take at look the best careers to check into if you’re looking to make a career change.

Changing your career can be intimidating, especially when you consider what it might entail, like going back to school or getting training. But just because it’s intimidating doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong decision.

If you’re thinking about making a career change, you’re probably wondering what the best careers to go into are. According to the experts, these 5 careers are the best to have in 2019.

Software Developer

If you’ve always loved computers and technology then we have good news for you! Being a software developer is one of the top careers to pursue in the country. The pay is stellar, the unemployment rate is particularly low, and you can enjoy a solid work/life balance. 

Best of all, there are lots of entry points to this career. You could get a degree by going back to college, but you don’t necessarily have to. You could take free courses online, go to a coding boot camp, or get on the job training in an entry-level position. 

Pharmacy Technician

If you’re looking for a job in a growing industry, then becoming a pharmacy technician is a great career move. The industry has grown more than 12% since 2016, which is faster than average. 

This career shift will require attending a pharmacy tech school since the job is regulated in most states, but once you have your certificate you won’t have any trouble finding a job, no matter where you go.

Clinical Laboratory Technician

If the idea of being in the healthcare field appeals to you and you’re not squeamish, getting a job as a clinical laboratory technician could be the right change for you.

This job involves obtaining and analyzing samples from patients, and believe it or not, you don’t need a lot of schooling to land this job. Most facilities will hire people with an Associate’s Degree or a job specific certificate. And there’s no lack of people hiring. The unemployment rate for this career is only 0.7%!


If the idea of being trapped inside, behind a desk makes you cringe, your dream job might be landscaping or grounds keeping. You’ll get to be outside, stay in shape, and employ your green thumb all while on the job!

This job isn’t a moneymaker, but there are lots of jobs available and the stress level is low, which is perfect if you need a break from your current high-pressure career. Also, you won’t need any prior training. It can all be done on the job.


If you love working with your hands and don’t mind getting a little dirty then becoming a plumber might be the career change you’re looking for. Fewer people than ever are pursuing careers in the trade industries, yet these jobs are always in high demand. 

Plumbers make good money and there’s often little training needed. Some jobs may require vocational classes, but most businesses will offer on the job training.

The Best Careers When You’re Looking for a Change

The most important things when you’re considering a career change are to consider what kind of job will bring you joy, how much you need to make to support yourself/your family, and what kind of training the new job will require.

These are just some of the best careers to explore if you’re looking to make a change. Make sure to do your research and find something that really works for you!

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