How May Argumentative Writing Help You In Content Creation?

argumentative writing

Argumentative writing is an essential skill that can be very beneficial in the content creation process. Such writing techniques imply the need to be as persuasive as possible to attract actual clients. How? Well, take a step back to your high school years when you probably experienced several debates or were told to handle several topics for an argumentative essay that could test your ability to make people see things your way. You were probably told to write on essay topics such as:

  • Do violent video games make people more likely to be violent in real life?
  • Does the average American have a healthy diet?
  • Should students have a greater say in what they learn?

Notice how each essay topic ends with a question mark (?) and how would they require you to convince the reader to see things your way? There is now an opportunity to find some topics for argumentative essay ( online to be aware of all the possible assignments.

If none of those things matter, then you can think of simple court case whereby lawyers need to convince a panel of judges (the jury) that their client doesn’t deserve a sentence no matter their action or negative claims pressed against them.

Fair to say that argumentative writing is a persuasive writing technique that involves storytelling – that’s why your stories will sound not only more appealing than others but also prove that your opinion concerning a subject matter is the most suitable.

So now, you understand what argumentative essay is, then let’s figure out how it may help you in content creation.

Content creation is usually divided into such parts:

  • identifying a topic
  • writing about it
  • deciding on the structure
  • practicalizing strategy (engagement)
  • producing the content

A fundamental aspect of any content creation process is the structure, meaning deciding what your target audience is, deciding on the length and most importantly structuring the content to be as engaging as possible. The importance of engagement cannot be overstated, as people would resonate better with content that might answer those questions they asked themselves, and this is where essential skills in argumentative writing come in.

What are the benefits of argumentative writing?

Well, for one, it brings about a sense of interaction, and nothing brings about effective content better than providing viewers with an interactive piece where they feel engaging with you while reading or viewing. This is an essential aspect of any successful content as readers or viewers can easily relate to the information being passed on a particular subject matter.

For instance, take a look at advertising contents for a hair care brand. The content is must speak to women looking for the best hair care possible. Then there would likely be the need to answer several questions such as: ‘why is their product better than the majority in the market?’, ‘how can their products be used?’ ‘what is the composition of their products?’, and also ‘how the products can be purchased?’

All of these questions should be answered convincingly. The potential customers and those who have already purchased products should be satisfied with these answers. The main purpose of doing business is a significant number of satisfied customers. Before purchasing your product, they need to be aware of all the benefits it has. Make the story look good and intriguing – give the consumers an interesting theme to be discussed with their friends or colleagues.

Another advantage of the argumentative writing skill is the ability to state facts within any piece. This is highly effective when the audience is analytical enough. In this case, they would prefer to see facts to convince on a particular subject matter. For instance, in the case of creating content for an SEO agency in need of customers, it is necessary to state work history on how effective your services have been to previous clients. New customers would be easily convinced that you might handle their tasks knowing that others who have patronized you have had positive experiences.

The importance of incorporating argumentative writing into content creation cannot be overemphasized as constructing the best content makes you speak in a particular tone that convinces people on a subject matter. Moreover, an essential writing skill needed in actualizing this issue is the ability to compose great argumentative writing.

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