5 Best Free Magento 2 Extensions in 2021

magneto extensions

Magento is fast becoming a premium e-commerce platform. Merchants have said that it offers a very smooth shopping experience for their customers. It is easy to set up an e-commerce store on Magento as well. There are a few extensions you can get for free and according to a leading Magento agency using them will increase the functionality of your site. 

1. Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional

Some people, who are not exceptionally tech-savvy, find that it is easier to shop online if they can click on icons to view the product category that they want. Other people prefer to click at the top of a column to view a companies wares.

This extension dresses up your site with a collapsible menu on your store’s columns. It has thumbnail Icons as well. It makes shopping easy and fun for the most tech-challenged of customers.

2. Facebook Connect and Like Buttons

Buttons and Icons that let you like or share items on social media are incredibly important to any business. 63% of the population in the United States uses Facebook

When people scroll through the popular social media platform, they are often less interested in what their friend had for lunch or the political rantings of virtual strangers than they are in finding unusual products and great deals. 

Customers can register at your store through this extension and they will see your Facebook posts regularly when they like your store. If you feel the Facebook logo just doesn’t look right on your site, fear not, you can alter the like button to fit in with the aesthetics of your site.  

3. PageCache

This handy tool will let your site and all of its pages load must fasters. Customers today expect everything to be instant. If they are shopping while waiting at that traffic light they want to be able to load their cart and check out before the light turns green.

4. Quick Contact

Much has been made about computer shopping being too impersonal. Technology is often criticized for having made the old fashion shopkeeper obsolete. This tool gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with your customers. 

You simply add a contact us page on your website and his customers can ask any questions they might have. You can also set the extension up to keep a record of your interactions with a certain customer.  it also lets you add Google Maps to your site if you have a brick-and-mortar store. That way, they can always come to see you in person.

5. Algolia

Typo tolerance is an important thing in a search engine and Algolia is extremely tolerant. If a potential customer searches for an r-shirt instead of a t-shirt, this instant search extension will understand completely. It is fast and easy to use. you can make sure your most popular and well-rated products come up first with this tool.

You have worked hard to make your online store perfect. Using the most helpful extensions will keep your customers happy and loyal.

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