Top Bootstrap Admin Templates of March 2019

Bootstrap is the most popular framework in the developer community these days. Probably because it’s the easiest one. Or maybe because it really speeds up the development process. Anyway, Bootstrap is a perfect mix of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML which accumulates the expertise of the best Twitter developers.

In this article I listed the top admin dashboard templates you simply cannot pass by if you want your web app to be perfect inside and out.

First of all, what do I usually expect from a good admin panel? It should be well-structured. Present information in the best possible way. Have all standard admin template features: charts, icons, login/logout, messages etc. The design should be definitely based on Bootstrap 4. And of course, the most important, a true “must have”: stunning looks and perfectly elaborated UX.

Big number of pages, widgets and additional components is certainly a big plus. But having all these features in line with so-called “working space”, uniquely designed and well-coded is even more important.

Let’s go straight to the list. Notice that each template has a rating based on the criteria mentioned above.

Sing App HTML

sing app react

Sing admin dashboard will certainly help you stand out with its stylish, sleek looks. This massive template is based on HTML5 and Bootstrap 4, it’s fully responsive and has user-friendly UI. Clever set of widgets, pre-built applications, easy and well-structured code make this template easy to customize.

This powerful admin dashboard has breathtaking design, great functionality and a full kit of essential features to bootstrap your next project. Server-Side Rendering and Node.js make the app creation process intuitive. Constant updates make sure your SAAS, CRM or eCommerce app will run smoothly.


metronic admin

Metronic is a very modern admin template built with jOuery, Native Angular 6, React and VueJS. This admin dashboard is easily customized thanks to its great structure and clean CSS styles. Tons of reusable UI components plus excellent design elements placement combined with superb layout designs – your web application will definitely stand out. Metronic has solid enterprise-ready file structure, easily extendable architecture and high-quality code. If you decide to use Metronic, you will notice this dashboard is a very consistent mix of flat design, great functionality and clean, well-organized code.

Light Blue Html5

light blue html5 admin

This is a professional fully responsive admin dashboard template that suits for developing any kind of web application. Flat design, professional coding, great variety of pages and clean content placements makes this admin intuitive and cutting-edge.

Light Blue is an example of an admin dashboard with a modern design that can be customized and extended without being too complicated. Developer friendly code enables you to build your next awesome project. Light Blue is ideal for building CMS, admin panel, eCommerce dashboard and come with loads of ready to use components.

React Isomorphic

react isomorphic admin

With React Isomorphic you don’t need to install Babel or a webpack to create your next project. It uses React-Redux to make sure your web application will behave consistently. There is only one page, built on the most reliable bootstrap framework that will run on each and every device out there. This admin dashboard uses ReactJS alone, showing a very firm understanding of this framework, highly effective usage of libraries and polished code. It also has online documentation, however, it’s difficult to go through.

This admin theme is quite advanced indeed, but it would be much better if the author went deep into all of its features. Multilingual support, constant updates and solid, ultra-responsive design make this template a great choice. This theme is very comprehensive and has a very logical code flow. You can easily grab this template and just plug-and-play it with your web application.


gull admin dashboard

Gull is a very flexible and modern admin dashboard. It can be used for eCommerce backends, simple admin panel, CRM or SAAS. It is very easy to use thanks to tons of pre-built applications: invoice builder, calendar, chat and so on. Clean code, straight folder structure and customizable color schemes provide a quick and easy start.

Gull is fully responsive and works with pretty much all of the browsers and major phones. It also has 4 dashboard versions and more than 2000 icons included. The template is full-featured and integrated with jQuery plugins. Sometimes the jQuery usage is considered a minus, but it’s still for you to decide. Gull is just perfect for Laravel and easy to customize, so you can work with it effortlessly.


fuse material admin

This bright template follows Google Material design guidelines, so your online project will already look better thanks to that. Fuse has amazing functionality and a considerable amount of built-in apps. Using Material UI as the main UI library, it also gives you the possibility to create your own color theme preset. Customer support is excellent, which is a big plus, as well as solid documentation and very clean code structures.

You can choose between right or left vertical navigation and horizontal navigation. Also there are suitable pre-built applications: analytics dashboard, scrumboard, e-commerce, etc. These strong variations of design layouts will help you choose the right look for your next project. The latest update was very substantial: it included new different styling options and lots of other functionality additions to an already stunning design.

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