Countries where Windows Phone outsells iPhone [Infographics]

Here is some motivation to develop for Windows Phone and to bring your existing iOS and android apps to the Windows Phone platform. The following infographics by Fortumo, mobile payment company, displays 24 countries where Windows Phone outsells iOS (as of Dec 2013)

windows phone outsells iphone


Countries where Windows Phone outsells iPhone (according to Microsoft):

 Chile Malaysia
 Colombia Mexico
 Czech Republic Nigeria
 Egypt Pakistan
 Ecuador Peru
 Finland Poland
 Greece Saudi Arabia
 Hungary South Africa
 India Thailand
 Italy Ukraine
 Kenya United Arab Emirates
 Kuwait Vietnam

The above infographics also goes on to suggest developers how important it is to have support of carrier billing in emerging markets as very few users have access to credit cards.

Microsoft already has support for carrier billing in Windows Phone and it covers 36 countries with 59 operators. With support from payment partners like Fortumo, that support grows to 81 countries & 250 mobile operators.

For developers writing global apps, it is important to have means to offer in-app products to emerging markets as well, and given the reach and first-class support of carrier billing offered by Windows Phone, it’s quite obvious why one would not want to miss targeting these markets with Windows Phone apps.

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