7+ Secrets for Creative Business Card Design

You’re a web developer — so it makes sense to market yourself exclusively online, right? Well, no.

The web is your natural habitat, but most of your clients aren’t as comfortable online as you are. (After all, that’s why they need you.) So if you skimp on print marketing, you’re missing great opportunities to connect with potential clients.

One of the most overlooked print marketing opportunities is a business card. Before you start groaning, hear us out. We’re not talking about boring, cheap old business cards with bad graphics and grainy photos. We’re talking state-of-the-art business cards that showcase your company’s personality in the palm of your hand.

The creative team at Company Folders are old pros at designing business cards, and now they’ve put their best secrets together for you. From shaped die-cuts to 3D objects to edible designs, you’ll be amazed when you learn the secrets of creating cool custom business cards.

business card design

Now that you’ve gone through the steps needed to create an impactful business card, you might want to check out these professional business card templates to get started with designing your own!

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