20 Free Business Card Design Templates from Freepik

Business cards promote the work you do and contain details on how to contact you. They are sort of a mini portfolio that can go wherever you go, making them a handy marketing tool. Not only do they facilitate the process of establishing and maintaining new contacts, they also help build your brand and are a must-have for professional developers and designers.

Today we have brought for you a collection of free business card templates in collaboration with Freepik. These templates, as you will see below in their previews, are available in many different styles and designs that you can choose from. They can be downloaded in AI and EPS vector formats and you are free to use them for personal as well as commercial purposes, to share or to modify them.

Browse through this collection of templates for business cards and download the ones you like. Or get inspiration from their design and come up with your own perfect business card!

1. Business card vector graphics

free business card design templates

2. Business card free graphics


3. Free vector card template


4. Vector graphics visiting card free download


5. Dark business card free design


6. Vector business card illustration


7. Business card vector free template


8. Free visual identity business card


9. Free business card vector


10. Free business card layout vector


11. Free business cards color splash design


12. Corporate identity branding


13. Vector graphics visiting card


14. Business card free layout


15. Simple line card template vector material


16. Business cards triangle design


17. Business cards template free downoad


18. Vector free business cards kit


19. Variety of business card design templates vector


20. Large collection of card templates


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While there’s no denying that online marketing has become a popular tool among professionals, traditional marketing still remains strong. Having a business card that leaves a great first impression can go a long way in winning potential clients.

Which of these business card design templates would you pick to showcase your brand? How often do you hand out business cards to prospective clients and contacts? Let us know in the comments below. And do remember to hit the buttons below and share these free resources with everyone.

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