Fashionable List of Best 10 News Magazine WordPress Themes

Once Gwendolyn Brooks wrote: ‘One reason that cats are happier than people is that they have no newspapers.’ Undoubtedly, there are a lot of sad and tragic events we hear about every day. Still, there are also the happy ones. The thing is that the most important aspect of the news telling is the way you do it. To say more, the decorations matter as well and matter a lot.

How do you think, what is the best way to inform people about something? The answer is as easy as pie. Naturally, we live in the times of the smart technologies and the breathtaking discoveries. For example, you can order some food or buy a dress without going outdoors. What is more, with it, you can even find all the information you need about a particular service.

To continue, you can find a dentist or other doctor and make an appointment online to save your time. You can even get a professional consultation without leaving your house. So, why news telling should be an exception? Actually, today it is possible to make a high-quality and informative news magazine website that people will be able to visit wherever they are. Moreover, now it is so easy to do. To make a long story short, in this post we are going to help you with a popular online project creation. For these simple reasons, we are glad to showcase you a fresh list of best 10 fashionable news magazine WordPress themes.

Is It Possible to Work with These News Magazine WordPress Themes without Experience?

As it was stated before, each of the introduced news magazine WordPress themes is easy to use. Furthermore, the products are also easy-to-manage and do not require having any extra skills. To say more, choosing these top-notch templates, you can be sure that you will not change or even touch a single line of code. In a word, the pros from TemplateMonster did everything for you. As a result, you will get your feature-rich and attractive news related site just out-of-the-box. Finally, there is a helpful step-by-step instruction and cool Setup Wizard that help you to work with these prepossessing news magazine WordPress templates. Also, don’t forget that the themes come with a fast and friendly technical support that, by the way, is free. Given these points, you are able to contact them anytime you have a question or need help.

What Are the Features of These Cool News Magazine WordPress Themes?

The first thing you should know about the marvelous products below is that they are ready-made. These magnificent and powerful news magazine WordPress themes are pre-packed and have everything you may need to build a stylish and successful website. To start with, you are going to share a lot of information. It means that your project should have an eye-pleasing and readable typography. Therefore, each of the introduced bodacious news magazine WordPress themes features Google fonts integration. Thanks to it one is able to choose from 700+ beautiful fonts and tweak all the elements according to their personal preferences. The next thing you will definitely use is a groundbreaking gallery. The feature lets you show as many pictures as you need in all their glory.

Needless to say, there are also many cute icons, call-to-action buttons, some space for the banners, etc, all the elements are modern and fully flexible. You are able to work with them effortlessly using Live Customizer. In addition, these new-gen news magazine WordPress themes contain such technical features as: SEO integration, Power Page Builder, Crossbrowser Compatibility and a truly responsive design for your online pages. Naturally, they are mobile-friendly, so your project will look gorgeous no matter what devices people are viewing it on. In addition, these fantastic news magazine WordPress themes contain all the most popular plugins. All in all, a full list of the themes’ functions is really huge. Seeing that, we have prepared the short descriptions for you. Moreover, there are ‘Details’ and ‘Demo’ buttons that propose one to see the themes in action. Finally, let’s discover these ready-to-use news magazine WordPress templates together!

Digezine – Fine-tuning and Fashionable News Magazine WordPress Theme

Before everything else, Digezine is a pixel-perfect, powerful and upbeat news magazine WordPress theme, which provides you with 7 header layouts. The theme is absolutely flexible and offers one to customize such things as typography, footers, blog settings, menus, sidebar, color schemes, and a set of various widgets. To make a long story short, you can tweak all the elements up to your taste with the help of live Customizer effortlessly. By the way, this eye-pleasing template is Ecwid ready, which means that you can quickly add a web store to your online project just for free! Therefore, don’t miss your chance to manage a worthy online news magazine because there are so many pre-packed options waiting for you in the package of Digezine!

Digezine - Fashionable Magazine WordPress Theme

Details Demo

KingNews – Lightning-fast and Crisp Magazine News Portal & Blog WordPress Theme

Originally, KingNews has a super easy setup, so you are able to install and manage this news magazine WordPress theme with no trouble thanks to a pre-built Setup Wizard. To say more, KingNews proposes one to enrich their online project using a rich set of the premium widgets. For example, you can add ‘follow us’ function to let people read all the latest news on such popular networks as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, etc. What is more, there is a voguish Instagram board where you can post all the needed pictures and use different tags to showcase your business all over the globe. In addition, this news magazine WordPress theme is easy-to-manage thanks to Power Page builder and Live Customizer. As a result, you can add multiple modules (testimonial, text, divider, sidebar, counters, etc.) without changing the code.

 KingNews - Magazine News Portal & Blog WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Elena – Strong and Supreme Blog WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, Elena is a top-notch WordPress theme, which is more than just perfect for the blogging purposes! It contains a brand-new post slider that you can set up in accordance with your needs and show the most popular, the newest or simply random posts to the guests of your online pages. To continue, Elena has 12 fast loading blog layouts to choose from and 700 + web fonts from Google, so you can highlight your individuality using the template. Furthermore, the high-res product below also offers you to use 3 page and post layouts and change the design of your website with the help of the unlimited color options. Finally, Elena is fully responsive, which means that its design ideally harmonizes with all the devices. Thus, don’t hesitate to build a magical project and let this charming season inspire you to something wonderful!

Elena - blog WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Motiovix – High-Quality and Attractive Video Streaming WordPress Theme

In the first place, Motiovix consists of many modern custom widgets to help you with the building of stronger online presentation. For example, there is a neat and quick search, a useful ‘Latest posts’ option, a stylish calendar, and a groundbreaking gallery that makes an additional way to display the content of your website. Secondly, Motiovix contains some easy-to-follow documentation that will assist one during setup process. Moreover, don’t forget about a customer-friendly and free tech support you will get choosing this bodacious WordPress theme! To end up with, Motiovix also includes a beautiful video gallery with a minimalist and responsive design, so don’t miss its demo and see how unusual and perspective this video streaming WordPress theme is.

Motiovix - Video Streaming Responsive WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Viral – Fantastic and Well-Running News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme

Basically, Viral is a well-featured and professionally styled news magazine WordPress theme, which has everything you may need to further the prosperity of your online magazine. Firstly, newsletter subscription lets your visitors be up-to-date and will notify them about the portal’s updates you make. Secondly, the pack includes a magnificent Power Page Builder that allows you to create many astonishing pages without changing or writing a single line of the code! Thirdly, Viral is a responsive, Retina ready and WPML ready template that has GPL v.3 license, so working with it will be a pleasure even for those who have never owned a site before.

Viral News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme

Details Demo

BitNews – Fascinating and Modern Blog Magazine & News Portal WordPress Theme

BiyNews has a valid, well-documented code that the team of pros wrote to introduce this prepossessing blog and news magazine WordPress theme. Moreover, it is SEO-friendly, so your future project will be noticeable to the most popular search engines (including Google, Bing and Yahoo) which will surely raise the statistic of site visiting. Thanks to a powerful and fully responsive framework BitNews runs on, your news portal will adjust smoothly to all the screen sizes! Given these points, be the first to hit the demo of BitNews and know more about all the unforgettable features and design elements the template provides you with.

BitNews - Blog Magazine & News Portal WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Weekly Journal – Full-Fledged and Faultless Financial News & Magazine WordPress Theme

In a word, built with Bootstrap, Weekly Journal provides you with search engines integration and social media integration. Needless to say, both of these easy-to-use features will improve your site’s rates and further its prosperity as well. Talking about a beautiful part of your future online project, this fully customizable and faultless news magazine WordPress theme provides its owner with such voguish things as a sticky dropdown menu. Also, you will get a built-in live search, eye-friendly navigation, clean and well balanced layouts and many other cool functions. Seeing that, what are you waiting for?

Financial News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Details Demo

BlazingNews – Professional and Intricate News Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

Beforehand, this strikingly-colored and immersive news magazine WordPress theme features WordPress Live Customizer, which allows performing all the design’s changes in action. As a result, now you do not need to push these updates live, which helps to avoid the mistakes. To say more, the pack of BlazingNews contains a lot of custom widgets (from search to tweets) that help one to showcase their content is different ways. By the way, there is an eye-catching gallery for you to highlight all the most valuable news. To sum everything up, BlazingNews is an easy-to-use and intuitive product, which provides you with a great variety of the pre-built options with tons of flexible settings.

 BlazingNews - News Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

Details Demo

The Daily Post – First-String and Unequaled Media & Latest News Magazine WordPress Theme

The Daily Post theme has a beautiful dropdown menu, where you can put different information about your services, your content, social networks, your team and much more. This MailChimp ready news magazine WordPress theme is crossbrowser compatible, so, no matter which browser people are using, your online magazine will always look qualitative. Needless to say, The Daily Post offers you to use a lot of changeable blog options, a rich variety of the readable web fonts and many other things related to blogging. All in all, using The Daily Post, you will set up a feature-rich, responsive and adaptable website without touching a single line of code.

The Daily Post - Media & Latest News WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Creado – Ace and Tip-Top Art Gallery WordPress Theme

To end up with, we propose our readers to view out Credo, as this top-level WordPress theme has an original CSS Grid layout, which provides your site with many flexible active elements. What is more, the theme allows one to create the multi-columned menus effortlessly with the help of the pre-built plugins. Another advantage of using Credo is a shining Cherry Sidebar Manager because it allows one adding various custom sidebars on every site’s page. In the end, would you like to build an unforgettable and high-quality website or you prefer to continue dreaming? To make a long story short, Credo provides its owner with everything they need to express their personality and even more!

Creado - Art Gallery Responsive WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Let’s summarize! As you can see, you don’t have to learn coding or have some website building experience to use the products. What is more, working with these brilliant news magazine WordPress themes is as easy as ABC. Thus, you will even drill your skills during website building process! Furthermore, the templates provide their owners with a quick setup and warring-free customizing. Would you like your news portal to be a go-to place? In this case, these ravishing news magazine WordPress themes are just what the doctor ordered! Don’t hesitate to view out their demos if you haven’t done it yet. The impressing variations of their pre-packed color schemes, incredible fonts, awesome icons and other design elements will surely charm you. Also, don’t forget that these top-level news magazine templates contain a lot of technical features. You can see all of them in ‘Details’!

To end with, each of these gorgeous news magazine WordPress themes is a ready-made solution for those, who dream about a prime news portal. Given these points, why are you still reading? Don’t you want to find your audience and surprise people with a professional look and great functionality of your site? Actually, the showcased news magazine WordPress themes are only a small part of TM’s gallery. Therefore, visit their page to view out more examples. Let’s remind these wise words by Zig Ziglar: ‘If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.’ In the end these hi-res products give you all the possibilities to manage a trustworthy project.

By the way, this year TemplateMonster has officially become a digital marketplace. As a result, you can sell your works with their help and earn money with no trouble. Honestly speaking, this offer has so many benefits! For example, you can also sell your works on the other platforms. Would you like to know more? Don’t miss your chance, as the offer comes both for the pros and the amateurs.

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