How Overlays Can Make Web Pages Accessible

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Accessibility overlays are automated applications that rest between your site (or digital content) and assistive technologies.

They are not a separate website, but a toolset within your site. Overlays tailor the website’s interface.

This technology enables you to make your site more accessible without changing the source code.

Overlay technologies work by detecting essential accessibility issues and modifying a web page’s code (not your site’s underlying source code) with a JavaScript snippet. 

They typically come in the form of a widget, plugin, toolbar, or app. Overlays also have panels with various customizable settings, such as increasing the text’s font size. Users also usually need to activate the overlay to enjoy its features and adjust the page’s appearance.

Advantages of using accessibility overlays

Using accessibility overlay solutions has several advantages.

Instant web accessibility using fewer resources

By using overlays, you shorten the process for incorporating accessibility guidelines into your website. 

You only need to insert a snippet of JavaScript code and wait for a few days (depending on your solution used) to make your site completely accessible. 

Experience business benefits faster

Because overlays quickly make your site accessible, you can reap business benefits within a shorter time. 

For instance, your e-commerce store can immediately be available to the 61 million adults in the US alone who are living with a disability. 

This translates to exponentially more sales opportunities and potential customers within a few days from installing the overlay technology.

Streamline developers’ work

Using accessibility overlays simplifies your developers’ work — whether it’s an in-house team or outsourced agency.

By installing overlays, developers can spend less time on hard coding. Their creative juices can flow more continuously as they design a functional, attractive site for your business. They can also give closer attention to your website needs. These designers become more productive as a result.

Selecting reliable accessibility overlays for your business

Not all accessibility overlays are built equally. They usually vary in their effectiveness and toolset’s expanse. These factors are crucial when selecting the best solution for your company. They can spell a huge difference in the quality of your site’s experience and compliance.

To accommodate all types of disabilities, you need to use comprehensive solutions with powerful capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI). AI can understand website contexts and architectures and consistently implement the proper accessibility guidelines. 

This makes AI-powered accessibility technologies better than generic plug-ins. The latter usually has limited adjustment options and cannot address gaps as effectively as AI-driven, custom solutions.

If you are looking for such automated solutions, you can look at accessiBe’s AI-powered overlay that claims to cater to those with disabilities which manual approaches do not even attempt to solve.

Leverage modern accessibility overlays

Achieving website accessibility and regulatory compliance is crucial for your business’ success. It also helps you fulfill your digital social responsibility in creating a more inclusive online environment. Explore and invest in this solution to reap profitable business returns and benefits in shorter time.

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