Interesting publisher names kept by developers in Windows Phone Store

[Update] Interestingly, some of the publishers and apps mentioned below have now gone missing from Windows Phone store after I wrote about them here.

While browsing through the Windows Phone app store in search of new apps, I came across several interesting names kept by app publishers that I thought worth sharing with everyone. Let me start with a disclaimer first.


I am just listing few publisher names that I found interesting and worth sharing and by no means I am trying to say that they are bad or good or anything else.

Ok, now that we are done with the disclaimer let me start with names that follow a similar trait.

The first one is Microsoft WP Developer. Yes Really! Check out below link and screen clip to believe it. They have fairly good number of apps with good number of ratings. View apps by Microsoft WP Developer



And here is another one with similar name – Microsoft Windows Phone Developer. They have a wide variety of apps including Tips and Tricks for lot of your favorite services like Facebook, Twitter even outlook and Skype. Check out there apps at this link.



I managed to stumble across another one named Microsoft Application Developer and they have tips and tricks for WhatsApp and WP7 among many other apps.



Well, by now you would have guessed what’s common in all of the above? They all claim to be Microsoft developer or Windows Phone developer. While I don’t disapprove the fact that they are Windows Phone developers but having such a name would potentially attract legal actions from Microsoft and would also confuse the users.


But wait, didn’t you come here to find interesting publisher names? If you were not able to find any till now, then I am almost certain that the followings would amuse you.

“In Lack Of A Better Name” – No words necessary to describe why I found this one interesting. If you don’t believe me and the screenclip below then check it out at the store.


Is that all? How about this legendary publisher who wins my vote for being the most amusing. Not only is this publisher trying to prove that Apps from WP is better than iOS and Android, they are also pro-actively contributing (more than anyone else) to the ever increasing app count on Windows Phone in order to surpass the number of apps on iOS and Android as soon as possible.



Apps from Professional Developers – with rather misleading app named Download Temple Run

Another misleading app named Subway Surfer Scorer by XAppers Studios with proof (see no. of reviews) that at least 66 people fell into their trap.


That’s all I have. If you ever came across such interesting publisher names or app names on the Windows Phone store then do let everyone know in the comments.


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