Adobe Kuler for Windows Phone – App concept

Adobe Kuler is one the most popular color scheme generator and is absolutely loved by designers. It not only allows you to create and save your own color schemes, but also lets you explore and get inspiration from popular color schemes by others. Unfortunately, there isn’t an official app of Adobe Kuler for Windows Phone. However that hasn’t stopped a designer from Poland who goes by the name touchthedot on to create concept design of native Windows Phone client for Kuler.

Below you can find the detailed app concept screens demonstrating various features of the app including capture of colors from a live scene.  The designer also took care of the app bar menu options and the settings screen in the design.

kuler-windows-phone-concept-1 kuler-windows-phone-concept-2 kuler-windows-phone-concept-3 kuler-windows-phone-concept-4 kuler-windows-phone-concept-5 kuler-windows-phone-concept-6 kuler-windows-phone-concept-7 kuler-windows-phone-concept-8 kuler-windows-phone-concept-9 kuler-windows-phone-concept-10 kuler-windows-phone-concept-11

Unfortunately, Adobe has stopped issuing new API keys for Kuler and therefore even a third party app isn’t feasible at the moment. The keys that were issued earlier are supposed to continue to work. We hope that Adobe will soon allow developers access to its API.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out other works by the designer touchthedot on to get some inspirations.

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